August 18, 2009

Scrimmage Insider: Barkley struggles, O'Dowd hurt

Depending on what the goals were for USC's Monday Night Football experiment at the Coliseum, you could call the scrimmage a success or a failure.

But no matter whom you ask, the first drive for the USC offense was just about as bad as it could get.

Quarterback Matt Barkley threw a pass up for grabs on USC's first snap, and the ball was almost intercepted. Then, Joe McKnight had a huge gain on the ground, but fumbled on the next play. Making matters worse, junior center Kristofer O'Dowd suffered a right kneecap dislocation on the same play, and stayed on the ground screaming in agony.

O'Dowd missed spring football after an offseason shoulder surgery and said this latest injury is discouraging. It occurred when a player banged into the front of his knee on McKnight's second run.

"When it first happened - painful," he said. "You know, it happens; it's football."

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