October 15, 2009

Thompson Learning from an All-American

So far SoonerScoop.com has caught up with each of Oklahoma's offensive line commitments who were on campus and all talked about how great it was to get to know their future linemates. Only one though got a bit more into the group dynamics, not surprisingly that player is Pflugerville, Texas offensive tackle Tyrus Thompson.

The 6-foot-6, 278-pound former defensive lineman offered his thoughts on how things work between the group of, now, five.

"It was great, meeting up with the other linemen that committed, and when you add Daryl Williams we had some pretty good chemistry," Thompson said. "We got along well and everyone was getting along with each other.

"We are thinking that since Bronson and Austin are graduating early they will be rooming together.

"You know Adam is not as quiet as you think, we all kind of like to talk but Austin is probably the most quiet of all of us."

Thompson's host was freshman offensive tackle Josh Aladenoye but the group of offensive line commitments spent most of their time together along with any number of current Sooners.

"It was pretty fun, we hung out with some of the younger players, and the older guys we can just learn from now. It was great, we were just building chemistry and we had a good time," he said.

"Josh Aladenoye was with all of us. We kind of split up, Josh was our main host. Bronson Irwin and Austin Woods kind of hung out with Stephen Good.

"We hung out at Gerald McCoy's house and hung out there for a little bit and played some games. We hung out with Jermaine Gresham a little bit, it was great, it was fun. They were just telling us things to expect when we get there."

Undoubtedly those 'things' included summer workouts with strength and conditioning coach Jerry Schmidt, so did the current Sooners offer much advice?

"They just started laughing, they won't tell me what it's like," he laughed.

Thompso had made several trips to Norman but aside from it being his first time to spend time with current Sooners it was also his first time to see Oklahoma's new locker room. Even more importantly it was his first time to see a game in Norman.

"They did finish up their new locker room so we got to see that and that was pretty cool," he said. "Going to that game, I had never been to a home game before and that game atmosphere, all those fans, that was crazy.

"I got up there on Friday I already saw people camping out and stuff, and people were tailgating and people were out there at night it was great."

While he admits to enjoying the entire atmosphere of the game he admits he was taking careful notes from Sooner left tackle, and potential All-American, Trent Williams.

"It's a little bit of both, in the beginning, me personally I was watching Trent Williams a little bit and as the game went on, I was looking more at the game and then watched Trent some more," he said.

"Trent has really great footwork, and he plays really aggressive, he can move. I don't think there is anybody he can't keep up with. He has real good footwork and plays real physical. I will have to try to step up my game to play like he does."

Another element of Thompson's visit that he really enjoyed was a chance to spend time with the two of the most important coaches to his recruitment. Offensive line coach James Patton and head coach Bob Stoops.

"Sunday morning I was with coach Patton and was watching some film with him and he was grading some players. We were talking about some things about their pass protections and stuff like that," he said.

"I talked to Bob Stoops a little bit later. It's always going to be exciting to talk to him, even when I'm a senior. But it has kind of sunk in a little bit already, I'm a little less star-struck than the first time."

Thompson, who plans to visit at least once more for a home game this season, says that he has already heard from his good friend Alex Okafor. But it seems the Texas freshman defensive end is far form the only person giving grief to literally the biggest Oklahoma fan in Austin.

"Alex already called me earlier and you said you know we're going to get on those boys, I told him we'll see. I'll be hearing it all week."

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