October 19, 2009

Series by series: UW's offense against Iowa

MADISON - When thinking of the Wisconsin rushing attack, negative yardage simply does not come to mind very often. Surprisingly though, in UW's 20-10 loss to Iowa, that was exactly the case as the Hawkeyes held the Badgers to negative two yards rushing in the second half.

Before moving forward to UW's bye week, BadgerBlitz.com takes a look back at every offensive series from Saturday's game.

First quarter:

Drive No. 1: Started on UW's 32 yard line following turnover on downs.
Plays: 6
Yards: 16
Result: 52-yard Brad Nortman punt.

Key play: It seemed as though John Clay was poised to have a big game and did not waste any time moving the ball. However, after breaking a nice 12-yard run to give UW a first down, he was dropped for a two-yard loss. That play alone derailed what seemed to be a promising drive.

Drive No. 2: Started on UW's 26 yard line following 50-yard Ryan Donahue said.
Plays: 12
Yards: 56
Result: 34-yard Philip Welch field goal. (3-0 Wisconsin)

Key play: UW was on the brink of field goal range when Clay rushed for 14 yards to set up the Welch field goal four plays later.

Second quarter:

Drive No. 3: Started on UW 8 yard line following 58-yard Donahue punt.
Plays: 11
Yards: 92
Result: 10-yard Montee Ball touchdown run. (10-0 Wisconsin)

Key play: After rushing for 58 yards in the first quarter, Clay was well on his way to a big game. But on first and 10, the sophomore back was tackled awkwardly and laid injured on the Camp Randall turf. Though he was able to return to the game, the injury was one that obviously affected him throughout the rest of the game.

Drive No. 4: Started on UW 26 yard line following kickoff (10-3 Wisconsin)
Plays: 7
Yards: 45
Result: 44-yard Nortman punt.

Key play: On second and 10, UW coaches decided to bring Curt Phillips into the game. They ran a quarterback option that Phillips took up the middle. It seemed as though he was about to break it big, but Brett Greenwood brought him down from behind after only eight yards.

Drive No. 5: Started on UW 36 yard line following 42-yard Donahue punt.
Plays: 3
Yards: -1
Result: 46-yard Nortman punt.

Key play: The Badgers had a chance to add on to their 10-3 lead before the half, but the offense had absolutely nothing go right for it in a quick three and out.

Third quarter:

Drive No. 6: Started on UW 33 yard line following kickoff.
Plays: 5
Yards: 17
Result: Amari Spievey interception.

Key play: At midfield, UW once again had a chance to add to its lead, but Tolzien forced a pass into double coverage that was promptly picked off by Spievey.

Drive No. 7: Started on UW 36 yard line following kickoff (10-10)
Plays: 3
Yards: 6
Result: 38-yard Nortman punt.

Key play: On the first two plays of the drive, UW moved backwards. After a negative two-yard rush by Clay, Tolzien was sacked for another two-yard loss. Then on third and 14, Tolzien dumped it off to Clay who only mustered 10 yards.

Drive No. 8: Started on Iowa 25 yard line following O'Brien Schofield fumble recovery.
Plays: 4
Yards: 4
Result: Missed 38-yard Welch field goal.

Key play: With the score tied 10-10 and an offense that couldn't get anything going, the Badgers were handed a gift after Chris Borland forced a fumble. However, after the offense went three and out, Welch was unable to hit from 38 yards out and Iowa took over from that point on.

Drive No. 9: Started on UW 20 yard line following kickoff. (17-10 Iowa)
Plays: 3
Yards: 7
Result: 43-yard Nortman punt.

Key play: On third and nine, Isaac Anderson caught the Tolzien pass and managed to pick up six yards. But, it wasn't enough and UW had to punt.

Drive No. 10: Started on UW 25 yard line following kickoff. (20-10 Iowa)
Plays: 7
Yards: 24
Result: A.J. Edds interception.

Key play: With time not on its side, UW was trying to score and score quickly. Instead, Tolzien forced a pass into coverage on second down that was intercepted by Edds, virtually ending any hope for a Badger comeback.

Drive No. 11: Started on UW 20 following turnover on downs.
Plays: 3
Yards: -6
Result: Spievey interception.

Key play: With little time remaining, Tolzien simply forced yet another pass that was easily intercepted by Spievey.

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