November 14, 2009

Hill post game Q&A

Georgia Tech freshman wide receiver Stephen Hill caught his first career touchdown pass in the 49-10 win over Duke Saturday afternoon. Jacketsonline caught up with Hill to talk about his touchdown pass and the importance of Georgia Tech's upcoming game with Georgia.

What was it like catching your first career touchdown pass?

"It was surprising because I thought I had stepped out of bounds before I caught the ball. It was a good thing it was a touchdown and I feel good about that."

After having one taken away on that end around play, you were looking around to see if it was a touchdown or it would be taken back as well.

"Last week I thought I ran a good play. When I looked around, coach said 'get off the field! Right now!' I made sure I got off the field to get the kick off. It was good to score that touchdown and get us up."

Can you talk about the other catch you had with your tiptoes?

"The other catch, I thought I had to run back towards the ball, but coach said just stay back and go out of bounds, so we can get the next score. He said I did a great job and I am glad about that."

You are used to catching a lot of balls, how is it adjusting to this offense?

"It is really not a lot to adjust to because in high school I really caught like three passes. Every time I caught the ball, I would normally be scoring, so that is different. It is not that big of an adjustment. The blocking scheme is pretty much the same. Other than that, I think we are throwing the ball pretty well. Bay-Bay has a lot of catches for a lot of yards. I think everybody has caught the ball at wide receiver this year. Daniel McKayhan caught a ball today. We are all feeling good."

Did Josh Nesbitt seem different today? He looked really locked in.

"It looked like he was a little calmer today. He is calm every game, but we were having more fun, giggling and laughing and stuff."

It seemed to loosen up after you guys got a few scores on the board. Did that give you all some confidence?

"Yes it really did. Getting that stop on defense for them to kick the field goal, really brought us back up."

Are you where you thought you would be progression wise now as a receiver?

"I really don't think about that. I really just try to go out and help the team get to the ACC Championship and the Orange Bowl.

Are you going to watch Mfon Udofia make his NCAA debut tonight at Georgia Tech?

"Yeah I think I am going to the game."

When did you or do you start thinking about the Georgia game?

"The day I signed. That is when I started thinking about Georgia."

You accomplished the part of getting to the ACC Championship, is beating Georgia the other part?

"That is a big game. It is has been in my heart since the day I signed. I have to beat Georgia because it either Georgia Tech or Georgia. I chose Georgia Tech and I feel like I made the right decision."

Do you feel like the passing game has changed or has it been good all along?

"It is the same. Most of the time the running gets better and better every week, but coach Johnson has really given us a chance throwing the ball out there in one-on-one's. He tells us to go up and get the ball."

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