November 19, 2009

Mac's talented juniors outdone by Carl Albert

Midwest City, OKLA - For well over a decade Carl Albert has been the pacesetter of Oklahoma's class 5A but after a few tough games early in the year, the Titans are showing that this season is no different.

Texas Tech commitment Tre'Vante Porter, who leads the Titans both as a running back and defensive back, made a statement against Lawton MacArthur and continued his emergence as one of Oklahoma's top prospects for the class of 2010.

Porter, along with the experienced and talented Titan defensive backfield made plays all night, making it very tough for the Highlander's bevy of athletes to get anything going on the night.

Carl Albert took the opening kick-off for a touchdown and from there on the Highlanders had some trouble getting out of their own way.

On the ensuing kick-off, MacArthur lost the ball while trying to field the kick. The very next play, Porter effectively put the Highlanders on their heels by running the ball straight through the gut of the defense for his second touchdown.

Lawton Mac did not fold, led by the feet and arm of their quarterback, Dylan Warner, the Highlanders kept Carl Albert's offense off the field and began to make plays on their own.

Their junior standout Rashaud Foreman took a handoff left from the right slot position, and sped by each Titan defender for a 24-yard touchdown.

But Tre Porter and the Titans quickly responded with a 66-yard touchdown run of his own. Soon after, the Titans effectively put the game out of reach with a three-yard touchdown run by quarterback J.T. Realmuto.

The Highlanders still fought valiantly throughout the game with receivers Tuswani Copeland and Foreman.

Copeland had a very athletic catch, falling backwards for a touchdown in the back corner of the end zone on a very well thrown ball from Warner.

On the few occasions the Highlanders looked ready to get back in the game the Titans would never quite let Lawton Mac get within striking distance. Porter continued to make plays even when the game already seemed to be in the bag. He added another 20-yard touchdown catch to cap off an incredible night on both sides of the ball to lead his team the second round of the playoffs.

Porter and the Titans show no sign of slowing down as it looks like they have hit their peak at the right time.


2010 DB Tre'Vante Porter- On the hoof Porter is a long and lean athlete who displays surprising power and really loves to make the big hit. However, he needs to work on wrapping up on a consistent basis to be sure the tackle is made. He has very good vision offensively at running back and on defense he has shown the knack for being able to read the opposing team's plays quickly and reacting before anyone can get a hand on him. He was the fastest and the biggest skill position players on the field this night. With that being said, Porter will need to redshirt at Texas Tech for a year to gain more muscle, but he has shown the ability to be a big time player for Texas Tech in the future.

2010 DB Markell Walker- Walker is a strong athlete that is slightly smaller, but looks much like Porter physically. Walker is a great tackler, and is very good in coverage. He is not elite athletically, but has a motor that seems stuck in high gear.

2011 DB Dwight Dobbins This junior standout is a quick twitch athlete with good speed and is still increasing his strength. He really impressed me with how much he has physically grown throughout this year. Expecting this trend to continue, Dobbins will have a good senior year ahead of him and will be receiving offers from some smaller division-I schools.

2010 DB J.T. Realmuto- The quarterback and offensive leader for the Titans has a high motor and shows the intelligence of a seasoned player in his decision making on the field. He knows when to tuck the ball and run as opposed to forcing a throw to one of his receivers. Realmuto is a good runner that is not afraid of using his good size to run through contact to get the extra yards. He is not going to blow anyone away physically or athletically, but he has a huge heart and is dedicated to helping his team win.

2010 ATH Tuswani Copeland- Copeland is a two-way athlete and it is anyone's guess to where he plays at the next level. Some tend to think he is a wide receiver, but he is a great tackler with consistently good coverage skills and has incredible speed. So free safety might be his future position, but wherever he plays, his speed will be accented. He can really make up ground on a receiver and rise into the air and make a play on the ball. In the same fashion, on offense he has no problem snatching the ball out of the air on fades, or jump balls in heavy traffic. Late in the game, jumping in between two defenders around the fifty-yard line: Copeland tipped the ball in the air, while falling down, he stopped his fall with his left hand and kept his concentration on the ball between the two defenders and caught the ball with his right hand. He turned around without being down and outran the defense for an 84-yard touchdown catch.

His footwork is not at an elite level at this stage in his game, which also adds to the possibility of him playing safety as opposed to cornerback at the next level.

2011 WR Rashaud Foreman- Foreman has good size athlete and plays both ways for his team, but receiver is where he will play at the next level. His greatest asset is his speed. On a sweep to the left side, Foreman saw that he had the corner and very smoothly glided by every Carl Albert defender that was in pursuit. He needs to continue to add size and speed to become elite, but as of now, he is a player that should have little trouble in finding interest from colleges this upcoming year.

2011 QB Dylan Warner- This dual-threat quarterback does not have the ideal size to play in the spread attack Lawton MacArthur likes to utilize on offense. However, Warner showed the ability to make the throws needed for the team to stay in the game Friday night. He put nice under air under his throw to the corner of the end zone to Copeland. Warner is an athlete that shows some promise to ultimately be one of the better players in the state.

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