December 29, 2009

Senior Salute: Gregg Peat

All of the work and none of the glory…such is life for an offensive lineman. When things are going well for the offense, credit is often times heaped upon the skill position players, but truth be told, the success of the line is a direct correlation to the success of the team.

While he may not be a household name like Sean Canfield or the Rodgers' brothers, Gregg Peat has been a big reason that the Beavers have been successful over the past few years. Not only do the linemen have to work on technique, their job requires a great deal of teamwork with the other four individuals on the line…five players who must work as one.

Peat was a standout for Mission Viejo (Calif.), where he played for legendary coach Bob Johnson. A two-star athlete Peat had limited options and originally accepted a scholarship offer to play for Nevada.

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