March 10, 2010

Redshirt Review: Karrington Armstrong

Trying to figure out whether a player is ready to help the team or not is the purpose of Redshirt Reviews. These players toiled in relative obscurity during their first year in Eugene, playing on the scout team wearing another teams' colors every week.

Certain themes recur in trying to determine whether the redshirt athlete is ready to play. Did he learn the playbook? Is his body ready? Did the light click after being the star all his life to being one of many stars and the effort that requires? The jury is still out but is leaning in favor of the next subject of our analysis.

Duck Sports Authority sat down with Coach Steve Greatwood to get his take on one his four Class of 2009 signees.

"Karrington Armstrong I'm beginning to see a kid who is starting to figure it out," said Greatwood. "To be honest with you when he got here I thought he had kind of a flighty attitude, not really paying attention to detail. It was sort of an immature attitude toward the game which a lot of kids out of high school."

With one year under his belt, Armstrong has as much to prove this spring as anybody.

"But I see now the way he's preparing himself for spring, he's in better shape than he's ever been," said Oregon's offensive line coach. "He's getting stronger. I can just see him beginning to mature. Is it going to be enough? I don't know but I'm seeing some strides being made in that regard. He is starting to carry himself as an Oregon football player and not some 17-year old kid just happy to be here. I think he's got some pride in what he does."

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