March 11, 2010

Elder Moore says school did right by son

College football recruiting has become a big business. For head coaches like Georgia's Mark Richt, the pressure to succeed is almost as intense as the game itself.

To win the necessary recruiting battles, different methods are often used.

Some prefer the "hard sell," giving a young man an ultimatum in hopes of forcing a quick decision. Others make promises that they sometimes can or cannot keep.

O.J. Moore heard similar stories. But whatever fears he might have had quickly disappeared after he met Richt about his son Corey joining the Bulldog program.

"Coach Richt made me feel right away that he was more concerned about Corey making the right decision," O.J. Moore said. "He could have told us that Georgia is the best school in the country, Georgia is this and Georgia is that, but all we talked about was he wanted to make sure that Corey made the decision that was best for him. He (Richt) had me sold right there. He left it in our hands."

The younger Moore didn't wait for long.

The 6-foot-1, 195-pound safety quickly pledged his allegiance to the Georgia program by committing to Richt and the Bulldogs.

He was Georgia's second verbal commitment for 2011. The only reason he wasn't first was because Richt just happened to speak first with Tucker's Chris Sanders, who like Moore, committed to the Bulldogs virtually on the spot.

"I said 'Why not commit early?' What's wrong if this is the one (offer) you want? Why not take it," Moore said. "It's kind of like when you go shopping for a new car. You see it, and you know the one you want to buy. There's no use looking around anymore. That's how it was with Corey and Georgia."

Moore said the Bulldogs haven't forgotten about his son since garnering his commitment, either.

No sir.

"The coaches care about all the kids; it's a family atmosphere, everybody's honest and everybody's very sincere," Moore said. "I tell people all the time that the Mark Richt you see on TV is the same one you see in person, and more. He does everything by the book. When Corey was getting recruited I always looked to the coach, because that was going to be the man I turned my son over to for the next four years. We wanted to find someone who was a very spiritual person, who would look out for my son's best interest outside of football, and Coach Richt does that, along with the rest of the staff."

Corey Moore is doing what he can to help the Bulldogs' cause as well.

According to his father, the younger Moore has stayed busy calling other Bulldog recruits, telling them to "come win the national championship for our state,'" O.J. Moore said.

Moore isn't surprised to see his son become involved in the process as he has.

For several years, Corey Moore has played a huge role in the Juice Foundation established by his dad which helps youngsters from his hometown of Griffin go to college.

"Georgia is getting a very dedicated young man, a very spiritual young man," Moore said. "Corey's an old-school football player in that you won't find him on Play Station; you'll find him watching film and studying the game. Georgia's going to be proud of him."

Moore laughed his son won't be changing his mind.

"We've been to Auburn, Alabama, a bunch of other places," Moore said. "I told him not to make any quick decisions, but once he got his list narrowed down, he told us that's (Georgia) where he wanted to go."

Once Richt offered, that was it - Corey Moore was a Bulldog.

End of story.

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