March 12, 2010

Army Spring Preview: A peek inside the Wide Receivers


Whereby most on the 2010 Army roster have seasoned representation, the wide receiver corp is not only young, but inexperienced as offensive coordinator Ian Shields pointed out to "Overall you are talking about a group that is very young and will be around for awhile," states the 2nd year coordinator.

As spring practice reaches its final stanza, the group of receivers that are leading the charge are starters Davyd Brooks and Austin Barr, along with Malcolm Brown and Justin Allen[/db]. Also in the mix are two players who have MIA when it comes to strutting their talents this spring.

Sophomores Kyler Martin and George Jordan have been preoccupied in other endeavors, but the hope is to have both back at full capacity once summer training camp arrives. In the case of Martin, his time has been dedicated to the indoor track season and Jordan is working diligently to ensure that he is a go academically.

"If Jordan pulls it together academically, he will be in the mix," says Shields. "Martin who was a direct freshman last year and who was playing Mike linebacker of the 2009 season. He's a raw talent and has the most speed of the group. He is currently running track and he's been spread a little thin at this point.

Both Jordan and Martin are still a work in progress, but athletically they are probably the two most gifted guys."


Although Brooks and Barr have game experience, they are still unproven, although the potential is clearly there.

When you look at the entire package, Barr is probably the most consistent performer out there right now. Meaning, being right in his reads, running the correct route, knowing who to block … he is the best player right now. Brooks on the other hand has the highest ceiling, is becoming more consistent and better blocker.

Those two are clearly the best and there hasn't been a third to emerge, "says Shields.


The staff continues to look for ways or should we say look for talent to enhance the productivity at receiver. Enter Malcolm Brown, who as a freshman last year, was making his mark at running back. From a receiver's perspective, he can produce that run and yards after the catch. "Hopes are that he will add something there and the early results look favorable," declares Shields. "He also has the benefit of all summer and the rest of spring. Which is the advantage of conducting an early spring practice because it allows for extra reps going down the stretch while they are still at West Point.

Also in the mix is Justin Allen, who also moved from running back and has shown some progression this spring.


The name Trimble seems to be synonymous with Army football, at least over the past seven years. USMAPS product Justin Trimble is just a good football player, who played receiver and was very productive at the prep school last season. Although he could play other positions within Ellerson's system, the chances are that initially he will be following in the footsteps of his older brother and Army' all-time leading receiver, Jordan.

Another prep product is Scotty Williams. Although Williams is a little undersize, he has good feet and was productive prior to being injured at the prep school. Williams could also add value in the return game on special teams.

Speed, Strength & Conditioning

Jordan has shown that he is the most explosive receiver on the team with
his testing numbers. Not only was his 20 yard dash the best of any receiver, but he also
had the best vertical jump at 35 inches.

Barr and Brooks have made significant gains since first testing which took place January 9th. For instance, Barr's 20 yard dash time was 2.82 and his pro agility time was 4.75.

Brook's 20 yard dash time was 2.81 and his pro agility was 4.69. This corp of receivers has been working extremely hard this off-season, and with the next six weeks, these numbers will improve even more before their next testing session in May.

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