March 30, 2010

What does Bobo think of QB battle thus far?

The numbers from Saturday's scrimmage at Sanford Stadium told an interesting tale: Aaron Murray - 10-of-15 for 125 yards (one touchdown), Zach Mettenberger - 7-of-10 for 157 yards (touchdown) and Logan Gray - 6-of-14 for 37 yards (one interception).

But as the battle continues to determine Georgia's eventual starting quarterback, Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo said Tuesday to take those numbers with a very big grain of salt.

"Some of the situations dictate some of the completion percentages. Obviously, we're looking to complete a high number of passes and the two young guys did a nice job of that. I'm sure Logan would have liked to have had a couple back that he missed, but overall the two young guys did a good job," Bobo said. "Logan made a couple of plays where he had a couple of drops, but he probably could have been more accurate. We probably could have been more accurate as a whole."

While all three quarterbacks took turns with the first team offense, Gray was given just one series with the first-team offense.

He did not believe his effort hurt his chances to win the starting job.

"I think you have to balance it all out. You can have a great day and think you're in the lead or you can have a bad day and worry that you fell behind," Gray said. "You still want to go out and try to do your best because everybody wants to win the job, but I think, especially at the QB position, whether you have a good throw or a bad throw, you've just got to put it behind you."

Although Bobo would have liked to have seen more consistency from his three signal callers, he was not necessarily displeased with Saturday's combined showing.

"I thought we had our bright spots. We need to be a little more consistent but a scrimmage is still a controlled deal so it's tough to get any guy in a rhythm playing the quarterback position or a unit in a rhythm playing a bunch of guys," Bobo said. "But I think we showed the ability to make some plays."

Head coach Mark Richt is cautiously optimistic regarding the three candidates for the starting job.

For the first time since Bobo took over the offensive coordinator duties against Georgia Tech in 1996, Richt has been a regular participant in Georgia's daily quarterback meetings.

"They really understand it, they're good students of the game, they're very diligent and when you watch them practice you see them putting through what they learned in the meeting room to practice," Richt said. "They're all doing a good job."

His message to the three remains the same.

"Don't worry about depth chart, don't worry about what people write, don't worry about any given day, any given play, just worry about keep banging away at getting better every day," Richt said. "Don't focus on all the other stuff because it doesn't do you any good. Focus on studying the defense, studying what your reads are, what your assignments are, what our blitz responsibilities are. Just focus on your job."

That's just what Murray said he's trying to do.

The redshirt freshman said he left Saturday's scrimmage feeling good about his performance, until he went back and looked at the tape which revealed some minor footwork issues and a few times where the Tampa native rushed a few of his throws.

That wasn't all.

"We do a lot of checks but it's definitely different with our defense just because they're everywhere. Usually you go into a game knowing what a defense will line up in and if they change you know it's not too crazy," Murray said. "But with our defense moving around everywhere it makes it a little difficult, trying to figure out what they're going to do and what we need to check to."

Richt said he doesn't expect to be making a final decision anytime real soon, indicating Tuesday that the three will be continue to be evaluated well after Georgia's G-Day Game is complete.

"We can take practice film and we can click a button and sort every play by No. 11 (Murray), every play by No. 6 (Gray) and every play by No. 5 (Mettenberger) and watch them in succession to get a better feel of how they did during the spring," Richt said. "That's probably the first time I'll sit down and try to put them in a pecking order."

Bobo said all three will continue to split the reps with first team.

However, accomplishing that is sometimes not as easy as it seems.

"It's very difficult when you're trying to rep three guys with the ones when you're only running two groups," Bobo said. "Then we've got some number issues at some skill positions, but that just the way it is so they just try to make the most of their situations."

Gray said Mettenberger appears to have responded well since his arrest on five misdemeanor charges back on March 7.

The Oconee County native has still not been made available for interviews since the incident.

"Things like that happen and Zach wishes he could take it all back. He's sorry about it, and he's trying to move on from it," Gray said. "He's making better decisions now. He's finished up his discipline running in the morning so at least he should be getting a little more sleep, but I think it's helped him mature a lot."

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