April 6, 2010

Bulldogs begin week three of spring

Mississippi State was back out on the practice field once again Tuesday and head coach Dan Mullen had nothing but positive feedback for the Bulldogs.

MSU enters their third week of spring practice with their eighth overall session.

"They did okay today wanted to mix things up, you know a lot of that is in a grove working with the group that they are in," Mullen said. "They get the opportunity to see how Tyler (Russell) responds being in that first group a little bit more pressure when you are in that first group. Also to see Chris (Relf)'s leadership skills and see him as an experienced guy standing in the huddle he has to work on his leadership in the second group."

Bulldog fans all want to know who the starting quarterback will be for this upcoming fall. By the looks of it they will have to hold tight until the spring game on Super Bulldog Weekend where Mullen is expecting 40,000 fans this year.

"We will know who's leading the race, you know I think all the fans will get to see it April 17th," Mullen said. "That will be a good competition day, trying to come see it then and we will go into fall camp with it."
After losing a few vital starters last year, Anthony Dixon being one of them, MSU fans are also concerned with who is in the lead for the running back race.

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