May 6, 2010

Five Questions with Daryl Williams

With Oklahoma's struggles on the offensive line in the 2009 season the importance of the class of 2010 became further magnified. Corinth (Texas) Lake Dallas offensive tackle Daryl Williams is arguably the member of the five member signing class that has attracted the most attention with his potential to play at left tackle. We caught up with him for 'Five Questions' to help Sooner fans get a better feel for what the skilled big man is all about.

Clark Foy: What person has had the biggest impact on your life so far?

Daryl Williams: Probably my mom. Just everything that we've been through, me and my family and stuff. Always been strong and always taking care of me and stuff.

CF: What's your nickname amongst your teammates, buddies?

DW: Big Nasty. I don't know, it just started, my coaches started calling me that, then all my teammates started calling me that, now everybody just calls me that.

CF: If you could have a date with any one girl, who would it be?

DW: My girlfriend. Haha nah, I'll think of somebody. Probably Alicia Keys, she's really sexy. And she's not one of those dumb girls; you can tell she's really smart. I'd like to take her out on a hot date to a nice restaurant, that'd be my dream.

CF: What type of movies are you into?

DW: Action, mystery, comedy, pretty much anything. Not really any favorites.

CF: What are your expectations for your career at Oklahoma?

DW: Hopefully just being athletic how I was in high school, but I want to be even more athletic and just to be quick and stuff. Maybe after this first year or a maybe a couple of years.

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