August 13, 2010

Offensive linemen to miss time with illness

Starting left guard Cordy Glenn will miss some additional days as he continues to recover from a bout with mononucleosis, head coach Mark Richt said after practice Friday.

"Cordy might be a while. He's actually got a little mono. I don't think it's severe but I think it's going to keep him from contact for a while," Richt said. "I think he will be able to stay in pretty good condition, but I guess the spleen gets enlarged when you have mono so you've got to be real careful."

Fortunately, Richt said Glenn is not in danger of missing the season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette, but that the Bulldog training staff is taking no chances when it comes to his recovery.

That includes taking steps to ensure the 330-pounder doesn't lose an inordinate amount of weight.

"We are concerned, but we're trying to get enough calories in, either with the shakes or whatever we've got to do," Richt said. "He's already lost some weight, but nothing major, but you're right, that's one of our bigger concerns and how much conditioning he will lose."

Richt has his fingers crossed.

Before the sickness, Richt said that Glenn was the most physically fit of Georgia's linemen, proving that every day during post-practice gassers and sprints.

"This guy was in phenomenal shape. Every time we'd run our gassers with the O-linemen, he led the unit probably 90 percent of the time, he was great," Richt said. "It's very impressive to see a guy that big run like he was running in the heat at the end of practice. I don't think he'll lose everything by any means, but it's unfortunate, but he will be OK."

With Glenn out, Tanner Strickland has received the majority of reps with the first team at left guard.

Strickland has battled his own injuries and missed the first few days of camp with a sore shoulder, but according to Richt seems to be 100 percent.

"Tanner, his first day of getting used to punching and that kind of thing, his shoulder got sore and we were really concerned but the very next day, maybe two days at the most, he got back in there and started going and he's been fine," Richt said. "We took the green jersey off and he's going full speed; looks good doing it. I'm really happy and excited that he feels healthy."

Wedding plans reason for scrimmage move up

Saturday's scrimmage at Sanford Stadium has been moved up to 8:05 a.m. from the afternoon. But the reason might surprise you.

According to Richt, he changed it so that Alec and Alexander Ogletree could attend the wedding of their sister later in the afternoon.

"I said we can either move practice up or they can miss the scrimmage. I told them I wanted them to be at their sister's wedding. It's not right to have something that important, all the portraits and the boys are not there," Richt said. "I definitely wanted them to be there for that, so we went ahead and voted on going ahead and having it where they could get out of here and get to the wedding on time."

As it turns out, Richt said it probably worked out for the best.

"That (the wedding) was the main reason, but in hindsight it probably is a schedule we will keep for future years because we always keep up with what we do. I think it's really going to be good because it will be a little cooler, we will have a chance to scrimmage and the coaches will have a chance to grade the film," Richt said. "What we will do is have the players go back to their rooms, take a nap or whatever they want to do, just kind of relax, then come back at about 5 p.m. to watch the film after it's been graded by their coaches, so that will be good."

Richt impressed with new AD

Richt said he was impressed with new athletic director Greg McGarity, after briefly meeting his new boss Friday at the Continuing Education Center.

"I got a chance to shake his hand, hug his neck and tell him I'm looking forward to working with him," Richt said. "He just seems like a very genuine person. Everybody that I know, that knows him or has worked with him, they think the world of him. They think he's tremendous. It's very obvious he loves Georgia, he loves Athens. I think it's very believable when he says this is his dream job. It's where he wants to be. He's had tremendous experience at Georgia and Florida. I'm looking forward to working with him."

Richt was asked if he plans on hitting up the former No. 2 man in the Florida Athletic Association for some helpful hints in regards to the game against the Gators later in October.

"I won't hit him up with that one right off the bat, but I'm sure there might be something I ask," Richt laughed. "I'm sure the subject will come up."

This and that

Backup offensive lineman Jonathan Owens will undergo surgery after suffering a kneecap sublexation, Richt said. … Sophomore Branden Smith is expected to see some action in Saturday's scrimmage after re-gaining his academic eligibility Thursday. … Richt said that linebacker Akeem Dent (foot) will be able resume practice the week of the opener against Louisiana-Lafayette. … Richt added that sophomore Shawn Williams has made the most improvement of any player from the spring to preseason drills. … Georgia practiced in jerseys, shorts and shoulder pads for 60 minutes Friday inside Stegeman Coliseum as the 2010 preseason camp continued. After about 20 minutes outside, thunder and lightning forced the Bulldogs indoors. During a 20-minute delay while a storm moved through, the Bulldogs changed shoes, switching from cleats to tennis shoes, and headed to the coliseum for the remainder of practice.

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