August 20, 2010

Todd Rice happy with off-season workouts

Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth made the wrong kind of headlines this summer when he failed the team's conditioning test during training camp for a week and a half before finally passing. According to NC State strength and conditioning coach Todd Rice, Haynesworth would have had an even more difficult time passing the Wolfpack's test.

The Redskins require their linemen to run two 300-yard shuttles in 70 and 73 seconds with a 3.5-minute break in between. At State, the linemen have to complete the run in average of 69.9 seconds with a three-minute break.

Fortunately for Rice, the offensive line during this summer offseason conditioning workouts "did a whole lot better job" this year. They were among a group of leaders that Rice credited with helping make this summer a productive one for his conditioning program.

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