September 1, 2010

Six-pack with Wildcat Report's Louie Vaccher

The season opener for Vanderbilt and Northwestern is just days away, and in anticipation of that, Vandy Sports publisher Chris Lee and Louie Vaccher from our Northwestern Rivals affiliate Wildcat Report participated in a question-and-answer session in which each publisher asked the other six key questions regarding the matchup. Read Vaccher's answers to Lee's questions on topics ranging from quarterback Dan Persa's athleticism to Pat Fitzgerald's effectiveness as a head coach, and just about anything in-between that you'd want to know about the Wildcats in today's "six-pack" feature.

1. It sounds as if Dan Persa's athleticism should present a lot of challenges to opponents. What are the things that stand out about him? Is there any well-known player who you'd compare him to in terms of his style and ability?

If you talk to players about Dan Persa, they will first tell you that he's the hardest worker on the team and a natural leader. You don't get elected to the Northwestern leadership council four straight years without a lot of respect from your teammates. That's why coach Pat Fitzgerald isn't very nervous about handing over the reins to the no-nonsense redshirt junior, who, Fitzgerald says, is pound-for-pound, the best athlete on the team.

There aren't a lot of quarterbacks who can bench press 350 pounds, like Persa can. He's only 6-feet tall -- his height, or lack thereof, is a constant cause for concern on the WildcatReport message boards -- but not many players pack 205 pounds on a frame as well as he does.

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