September 13, 2010

So Many Worth of Florida State Hot 11

The Sooner Hot 11 is a ranking, compiled by associated editor Josh McCuistion, of the previous Saturday's top performers and in Oklahoma's 47-17 demolition of Florida State it was hard to choose only 11 players worthy of recognition. That being said there is no question that in spite of a nearly perfect 60 minutes on Owen Field there were a few players who stood out amongst the others. Take a look as we go from top to bottom in a breakdown of Oklahoma's early season statement.

11. Tom Wort, Linebacker - Stats: Five tackles (two solo), one tackle for loss (two yards).
Analysis: So far Wort hasn't had that defining play that you expect from a player who plays with such a great motor and has such tremendous ability at the point of attack. That being said he showed great ability against the run on Saturday tripping up Jermaine Thomas a couple of times on short yardage situations. As he continues to progress in his pass drops he'll become an even more lethal weapon for Oklahoma's talented young defense.Last Week: No. 7

10. Quinton Carter, Safety - Stats: Seven tackles (four solo).
Analysis: Before the season I was singing the praises of Jonathan Nelson and while the senior from Mansfield had a nice day, it's his classmate from Las Vegas that has looked Oklahoma's most consistent defensive player through the first two weeks of the season. Carter had a few of his trademark big hits but his work in coverage, which went largely unnoticed by anyone other than Christian Ponder, was exemplary against the Seminoles.Last Week: No. 3

9. Demontre Hurst, Cornerback - Stats: Three tackles (two solo).
Analysis: Not unlike Carter much of Hurst's work went unnoticed as Florida State simply failed to challenge him through the day. Now whether that was by design or not is a bit unclear but either way it's clear that Hurst earned the respect of Ponder and Jimbo Fisher. I've been a fan of Hurst for some time and am always a big believer of 'the less you see of a corner, the better he is playing' and that's particularly true in Oklahoma's zone coverages.Last Week: No. 8

8. Eric Mensik, Offensive Tackle - Stats: N/A.
Analysis: Mensik may be playing himself onto some NFL draft boards if he can continue the types of performances he is putting together. Much like Chris Chester several years ago Mensik is like a duck to water with the right tackle position and has been near perfect in pass situations. What has been surprising is that Mensik has been so dominant in run-blocking situations where he isn't the biggest of the Sooner linemen.Last Week: No. 6

7. Demarco Murray, Running Back - Stats: 16-carries for 51-yards and one touchdown (1), along with four catches for 52-yards.
Analysis: This is kind of anti-Demarco type of game, he put up good numbers but it wasn't necessarily with his typical big plays but instead death by a thousand cuts for the Noles defense. Murray continues to give future opponents reason to believe that he is now willing, and most importantly able, to run between the tackles and pop back up after each and every play. That type of toughness can inspire an offensive line that is beginning to gel.Last Week: No. 1

6. Jeremy Beal, Defensive End - Stats: Five solo tackles, two tackles for loss (seven yards), one sack (three yards).
Analysis: Unlike Murray this kind of was the embodiment of Beal's career. Sometimes you don't notice what he is doing and then all of the sudden he's got tackles for loss, sacks, and quarterback hurries as well. Beal's motor was running high in spite of the fact he was double-teamed throughout the game by a veteran offensive line. Another game, another sack as Beal stays on pace to break Cedric Jones's career record.Last Week: N/A

5. Jarvis Jones, Offensive Tackle - Stats: N/A.
Analysis: Is there a bigger compliment to Oklahoma's offensive line and their search for depth than to place their third offensive tackle at the top of this list? Jones came on when Donald Stephenson was taken out for a few plays due to a slight injury and never looked back. Whether it was pass defense or run blocking Jones absolutely overwhelmed whatever Seminole defensive end he was butting heads with. Frankly Jones looked like the player that everyone expected when he transferred from LSU.Last Week: N/A

4. Cameron Kenney. Wide Receiver - Stats: Four catches for 73-yards and one touchdown (36).
Analysis: He nearly made it on the list last week but there was no way of keeping him out of the Hot 11 after such a solid performance against the Noles. Much has been made of Landry Jones' game, but a lot of credit needs to be given to Kenney for his quarterback's fast start. Kenney's 36-yard touchdown was a bit underthrown but the suddenly sure-handed Senior made a great play in the air to take the ball away, keep his feet, and work the sideline for a score.Last Week: N/A

3. Ryan Broyles, Wide Receiver - Stats: 12 catches for 124-yards and one 18-yard touchdown.
Analysis: At this point it seems not a question of if Broyles will make this list simply where he'll find himself on it. Broyles has been the country's best receiver through the first two weeks of the season and his domination of much-ballyhooed Greg Reid is yet another feather in his cap. Broyles showed a bit of everything on Sunday with great aerial catches, great runs after the catch, and he still shows such great toughness going across the middle.Last Week: No. 2

2. Jamell Fleming, Cornerback - Stats: Four tackles (three solo), one tackle for loss (four yards), an interception, two pass break-ups.
Analysis: For those that think the way a player handles adversity is the best sign of what kind of player he can be it's time to start singing Fleming's praises. After being something of a whipping boy last week it took a Herculean effort from Oklahoma's quarterback to keep Fleming from the top spot. While many will remember Fleming's interception it was his deep coverage on one of Florida State's few deep chances that was his play of the game. He showed great speed and an ability to find the ball and make a play on it. In a few words everything seemed to slow down for the talented junior.Last Week: N/A

1. Landry Jones, Quarterback - Stats: 30-for-40 for 380-yards and four touchdowns (18, 36, 46, 7).
Analysis: What can be said that hasn't been said? In his first true, and legitimate (it's hard to grade anything from last year), test Jones couldn't have answered the bell any more firmly. He got started early with a series of short and intermediate passes to help get himself on track and he did exactly that. As the game wore on Jones got more and more adventurous and never looked at all disturbed with what was being asked of him. More than anything it was Jones' calm contrast from last week that was somewhat resounding.Last Week: N/A

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