September 30, 2010

O'Brien says Pack pushing through weather

Tom O'Brien met with the media for the last time before the Pack hosts Virginia Tech at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. The team was unable to utilize the two main practice fields on Thursday because of the heavy rains the area has been receiving, so the coach talked about the weather's affect on practice over the past week and gave a few quick insights into the Hokies' defense.

How much has the weather affected you this week?

I think it affects you when you have to come out here and play. Today, at least we weren't in the [heavy] rain, we were in the driving rain all day yesterday and we couldn't get on the main practice fields today. It is what it is, you have to do what you have to do. As you learn early in your Marine Corps career: INA - improvise and adjust, that's what we do.

How big of a challenge is Virginia Tech's defensive line?

They're always a challenge, and it's not so much the line, it's the two inside linebackers, too because they run the same thing. They've been good for years, they recruit to what they want to do, they just plug different guys in and out. They're very aggressive up front and they always have a great pass rusher, put a lot of pressure on your offensive line.

Do you do more first-team offense vs. first-team defense this week to help simulate Tyrod Taylor?

No, we stay with our schedule. It is what it is. You try to prepare the best you can for Tyrod, you can't do it because we don't have one. We're not going to send Russell to the scout team.

Are Bryan Underwood and Tobias Palmer acting as scout team quarterbacks again?

No, we're staying with our quarterbacks.

Can you talk about how Duran Christophe played Saturday?

I think he's learning, he's got a lot to learn but he was a good prospect coming in. He seems to be growing into the position, he's a physical kid. Hopefully, he'll continue to work hard like he is and get better each and every week.

Was he brought in to the game because of the two sacks on Andrew Wallace?

We don't assign sacks to offensive linemen, we were going to play him anywhere, it was just a matter of the rotation.

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