September 30, 2010

Lessons from Texas

Looking back (one more time), seems to me there are some important lessons to be taken from the last two games, especially the game in Austin that truly did 'shock the world.' These, I think, include the following:

1. You can't judge the job a coach is doing based on a single season or game, much less looking after the fact at a single play decision. The latter is especially true as we really don't know all the options that were available in the package sent in from the sidelines, all the elements going into the quarterback's read of the situation and defense causing him to choose whichever option he did choose, how well he made his reads before and during the play, whether or not he or someone else was on wrong page and screwed up the play.

The other weekend I watched a pro game in which the ex-coach commentator and experienced announcers were both criticizing a quarterback for throwing poorly on a play on which the throw went to the sideline while the receiver continued downfield. Except…except while they were talking out of the corner of the screen you could see the coaches getting in the face not of the quarterback but of the receiver on that play.

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