December 29, 2010

Wednesday notebook

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Justin Houston was asked how rich he would be if he had a nickel for every time the question has been posed whether or not he's going to leave Georgia early for the NFL.

Actually, it wouldn't take that much.

"Shoot, if I had a penny I'd be a millionaire," Houston laughed during an interview with UGASports.

During Georgia's media session Wednesday at the Embassy Suites, Houston admitted he's long grown weary of the constant barrage of questions regarding his future and whether or not he will return to Georgia for his senior year.

It's almost been more than he can bear.

"It's a lot overwhelming," Houston said. "Sometimes I've got to catch myself when people ask the question, I'll be wanting to say a slick comment, a smart comment, but I've got to be respectful.

But it really does (become annoying). I can't go anywhere because everywhere they ask you that question, they ask you a million times a day."

It's not just in Athens, either.

When Houston went home to Statesboro for Christmas break, the questions kept coming.

"Everywhere I turned my head, somebody is asking the question," Houston said. "That's why I stayed in the house and just enjoyed spending time with my family."

Cornerback Brandon Boykin feels his pain.

While Boykin knows he's blessed to be in the position he's in, the junior swears he will have no idea until he receives the results from the NFL's Advisory Board sometime in the next two weeks.

"At this point, you really don't have a lot of information. When you tell somebody that they probably think you're just blowing them off and not wanting to talk about it. But I honestly don't know. This is really a tough situation to be in," said Boykin, who said he knows many people probably don't believe him when he makes that declaration. "That makes me mad, but at the same time it comes with the territory and for anybody to have this opportunity is a blessing. But to be put in this situation is not too fun."

Green pimps Murray for Heisman

Aaron Murray for Heisman in 2011? Wide receiver A.J. Green thinks so.

Recently, Green casually mentioned that the redshirt freshman will be a candidate for college football's most prestigious award. He wasn't joking.

"No, I was dead serious. That guy is going to be something special," Green said. "You can tell. He's beyond his age. I can definitely see him making that jump."

Murray laughed that he's said the same thing about Green, who most expect will forgo his senior season and enter the NFL Draft.

"I told him if he comes back he'll probably win the Heisman because he'll score 20 touchdowns," Murray said. "We'd definitely enjoy him coming back, but at the end of the day it's his decision."

As for Murray, regardless of what happens in Friday's AutoZone Liberty Bowl, he'll be the new Bulldog record holder in career passing efficiency with a new mark which currently stands at 162.72.

The player he'll pass? None other than Mike Bobo, his position coach.

"I know - the pass efficiency record," Bobo joked when asked if he was aware his record was about to be broken.

"But I told him when I played they didn't have the bowl game go in the records so we'd have to put my bowl game stats in there to see if we can get my pass efficiency stats up," he continued. "I think it's awesome and I think we're just at the tip of the iceberg with what he can do throwing the football. I expect him and us to break more records."

Williams will stay at linebacker

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said Wednesday that converted safety Nick Williams will stay at Moe linebacker for the foreseeable future.

"He's a guy that we've moved around a little bit because we want to find a spot to play him," Grantham said. "With the safeties we have coming back we felt it was in our best interest to move him to our Moe linebacker position because moving forward that's a position that we're going to have to find some guys to play from a depth issue standpoint."

Grantham said the development of freshman safety Alec Ogletree made the move feel like the right thing to do.
"It was really the way Tree has progressed," Grantham said. "He's done a nice job, so he will continue to get better, so with the youth we have a safety. The thinking was to make the move now, give him some reps and practice snaps now so it's not new to him when we start next year."

Do Knights have a plan for Green?

UCF defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable said his Knights have a plan to try and stop Green. Well, kind of.

"We're going to try and sneak a 12th guy on the field and see if we can get away with it," Huxtable said during his team's media session Wednesday morning at the Embassy Suites.

Actually, the Knights are expected to counter the Bulldog receiver with 6-foot-2 corner Justin Biddle with help from safeties Reggie Weams and Kemal Ishmael.

Regardless, Huxtable knows his secondary has by far its biggest challenge of the year.

"He's a great football player, a tremendous athlete with good size, who runs really well and can stretch the field," he said. "But the big thing to me is the strength in his hands. You can see that after every catch. We've got our work cut out trying to defend him."

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