January 14, 2011

Donahue Going After Local Five Stars

The 2012 recruiting class is loaded with talent, especially in the New England region. Prep schools across the area are drawing the biggest names in college basketball to their games and practices. In the past, Boston College has not always gone after local players as hard when some of the heavy-hitting programs have gotten involved, but Steve Donahue and his staff are changing that style of recruiting philosophy at the Heights.

Two players that BC is recruiting hard play at prep school a short drive from BC, at St. Mark's in Southborough. Those two players are small forward Alex Murphy and center Kaleb Tarczewski.

Murphy is a five star small forward who is ranked 11th in his class and after watching him for a few minutes it's evident why he has such a high ranking. Perhaps Murphy's greatest skill is that he's an exceptional ball handler for a player that stands 6'8". The forward can score in a variety of ways ranging from draining threes to scoring off the dribble. Defensively, Murphy is solid as well, and is pretty flexible. He's able to guard a player his size, but also showed he can cover a man a little bigger when he slowed down Milton Academy's Dennis Clifford late in the 2nd half of their game last weekend.

Right now Donahue and his staff have their work cut out for them as BC is mixed in with an elite group of teams on Murphy's list of favorite schools.

"I cut it down my list a little to take some weight off of my shoulders. Right now it's Florida, Duke, North Carolina, Boston College, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Villanova," said Murphy.

Some have said that BC is in the mix because Alex's father Jay Murphy was once a player at the school, and because the Eagles have recruited Alex the hardest out of all of the local schools. Murphy said that the new coaching staff is a big reason why he has interest in BC as well.

"I've got to see them play a few times. I really like the way they play. They play the game the right way and coach Donahue does the right thing down there. It's really fun to watch them play. It's sort of an old school style of basketball. Like I said it's definitely on my list and it's a school I'm considering. I think Coach Donahue and I have developed a good relationship so far," said Murphy.

Does BC's style seem like a fit to Murphy?

"Yea I think so, I mean 1-5 on their team can shoot the ball, pass the ball, and put the ball on the floor. The style is definitely appealing and like I said it's a school I'm looking at," said Murphy.

Murphy recently returned from a trip to Duke to watch them play Maryland, and from all indications it was a great experience. Does he have a similar plan to catch a BC game?

"There's nothing set in stone yet, but I'm sure we'll definitely get over to one. Hopefully I can get to one on a Saturday night or a Sunday. Obviously it's only a half hour away from my school so it would be foolish not to," said Murphy.

Tarczewski Still in Play

Along with Murphy, BC is also recruiting St. Mark's center Kaleb Tarczewski, who is the 4th ranked center and 13th overall player in the class of 2012. Tarczewski is a 7'0" center who doesn't have many, if any flaws to his game. Tarczewski is a tenacious rebounder, a fierce shot blocker, and has range out to around the free throw line. The center is also very athletic and can get up and down the court quickly for a player his size. Recently, Tarczewski went head-to-head against BC commit Dennis Clifford, and Tarczewski was one of the first centers in quite a while who was able to slow down the scoring of Clifford.

"I'd say he's the best that I play. He's developed the most too. I can't think of anyone else who has shut me down like that," said Clifford.

The Eagles would love to have a frontcourt that consisted of Clifford and Tarczewski. Right now BC will have to wait to see if they make Tarczewski's final cut, as he hasn't quite narrowed down a list like his teammate Murphy yet.

"I kind of have an idea of what it's going to be. It's going to come quick so I've been watching some college games. Right now I'm trying to figure things out for myself. I've heard what other people have had to tell me but I'm trying to figure it out for myself. I'm definitely waiting until after the season to focus on it more so I can focus mentally on the game. A list will probably be coming out soon," said Tarczewski.

Tarczewski did confirm that BC was still a school of interest. One thing that's appealing about BC is its proximity to home. While Tarczewski is not ruling out leaving the area, staying local is something he is considering.

"My family is really important to me. Being close to home would be nice and is something I think about. If I can find the perfect fit that's far away that would be OK too," said Tarczewski.

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