January 28, 2011

Drew talks about 'Facebook follies'

THOMASVILLE - Ray Drew is a popular young man. Don't believe it? Check out his Facebook account.

When asked how many people were currently listed as 'friends' Drew broke into a wide smile.

"I think it was up to 4,558 the last time I checked," said Drew, who laughed that he probably only knows 10 or 12 of those individuals.

Drew's Facebook posts became the stuff Internet legend is made of, as the five-star recruit would routinely drop hints about his future college home.

"At first I was just messing around with (Christian) LeMay. But after that took off, I was like 'Hey, maybe there's something to this," Drew said. "After a while, people asked me if I had to be sick and tired of it. I wasn't, really. I'd post stuff and not go back and look at it again. I just let the people read it so they could have some fun."

When Drew spoke, people listened.

"I actually had one guy message me and he was like I enjoy your posts, because I know a good argument is about to get started and work gets boring," he said. "Keep posting."

The fun continued late Thursday night.

"I posted that I don't think I'm ready to announce and people went crazy," Drew said. "But I was just having fun with it."

But Drew knows the fun is about to come to an end.

With jilted fans, come jilted feelings and already Drew said he's started to receive some not-so-nice messages from followers angry at the decision he made.

"I'm pretty much ready for it. I already had some hate messages not long ago, one from a fan of another University," Drew said. "He said 'I see where you dropped us from your list, *&$&! You.' But I was real nice about the situation. I told him I didn't appreciate him cursing, but I would continue to pray for him. I just killed him with kindness."

Bulldog fans are certainly glad the state's top-ranked player made the decision he did.

Drew, who will wear the No. 47 worn by former Bulldog great David Pollack, said he knew he was going to sign with the Bulldogs approximately three weeks ago but continued to entertain offers from other schools, including Clemson where he visited last weekend.

"I was going to try and keep things as open as I could on my last visits because I didn't want to go into them with the idea that I was done. I wanted to give them a shot, hear them out and see what they had to offer," Drew said. "But once I took my last visit and heard what they had to say, Georgia was just a step above."

Still, saying no to other schools was not easy to do.

"It was difficult, but like I said I made a lot of legitimate relationships with those people, Coach (Tracy) Rocker being one, Coach (Ted) Roof and some others," Drew said. "That was the hardest thing about the whole process that I had to tell people no, that I was going to take my services elsewhere."

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