February 18, 2011

Shaw talks about spring drills

Shaw met with the media and discussed a wide range of subjects. This is a chronological summary of his comments in the order of the questions asked.

  • Best thing about spring is it's pure competition. Those who played well last year will be pushed by younger players, Stanford has recruited well and there will be competition across the board

  • Holes to fill, and leadership voids to fix

  • Spring is the time for someone to seize the job

  • Some players will be out, Shaw declined to comment on whom will be held out

  • Replacing three guys on the OL, and it was more than just in the way they played. They way they competed, and a steadying influence. Personnel wise have a chance to be very athletic up front, question is will they be consistent. Most of our success will be determined on how we play up front.

  • Hired a coach I feel great about it. Sat down and talked football and we talked the exact same language. He was trained by a coach who trained me, Bill Callahan of the New York Jets. Callahan trained me in the running game and the protection game with the Raiders.

  • Bloomgren is a strong between the tackles, play physical, get after people up front kind of coach and that is exactly what I was looking for.

  • This business is extremely connected all over, and I kept hearing about this coach who was with the Jets that I needed to talk to. He sees football the exact same way you see it.

  • Sam Schwartzstein and Khalil Wilkes will get equal reps and will be under the fire. They both know how they play will dictate how we play. Beeler gave the offense great comfort, and have a high standard to reach.

  • OL had some alpha dogs last season and we need some guys to fill that role.

  • David DeCastro and Jonathan Martin will stay. Rest of the OL is wide open, competitive and fun to watch.

  • With Andrew Luck coming back it has led to some nights where it felt pretty good going to bed. But we are the same place everyone else is, each team is a capsule unto itself. We need to establish who we are. You start to develop who you are in the spring. I told the guys those Oranges from the bowl game died, we need to move on.

  • Spring will give us an idea of where we are and who we are.

  • Last year what Vic did was phenomenal. And a big thing was we found a scheme that was a perfect fit for the players we had. Mason will be able to tweak and continue what we were doing, and we had a coach like Tarver who can bring things from the 49ers and coach Nolan, guys like that. We can find more things schematically that fit the guys we have.

  • Still run a 3-4 and versions of it, absolutely.

  • Levine Toilolo will be in a limited part of spring drills, will be very cautious with him.

  • It will be a big spring for every wide receiver on our roster. Because those spots are wide open. We have a QB that can get them the ball, but they are going to need to put in the work. Guys like Griff Whalen, Drew Terrell, and Jamal-Rashad Patterson have done some things, but the positions are wide open and the competition will be fierce from day one.

  • Blake Lueders is going to start outside but will move around a bit. He has some unique abilities, going to play him at several different spots and see where he settles in.

  • Most excited about getting on the field. Off season drill are necessary but nothing like getting on the field.

  • Mike Sanford will coach running backs. Very familiar with him and he is very familiar with our offense, impressed with him as a recruiter. Coached several positions through the years.

  • Tight end/tackles is still open and will take my time there. Pep Hamilton will coach the quarterbacks. We'll both be coaching the wide receivers. I feel we are covered well there.

  • Running backs got into a good mode last year, yes there may be a starter but there will be opportunities in the game if practices are good. And the guys know that.

  • Tyler Gaffney will play baseball and have a similar schedule has he did last spring. Very comfortable with they way he came back in shape ready for fall camp.

  • Going to need 4 guys to replace what Owen did - one at linebacker, three at fullback. He was a once in a generation type football player. Will rotate fullbacks as tailbacks did.

  • Fua was a great leader, who will have to be replaced. Another one of the positions that is wide open and competition fierce.

  • Guys have learned past few seasons that it is more than just talent, more than just speed, more than just quickness it's a determination, and it's a mindset to be physical, to show up every day and be ready to fight.

  • Doesn't forsee any players working on both sides of the ball. Want guys to get settled into roles, and fight for the starter.

  • Had discussions on who will call plays, and the final call will go through Shaw. Pep will have a bug say in the passing game, Bloomgren will have a big say in the running game. Shaw will have the head coach veto. Feels real good about that situation.

  • Would absolutely love for someone to step up and grab the #2 QB role. Going to be a big part of what this spring is about. It is going to be competitive, those guys are going to feel the fire. Those guys need to realize that role is as important as any role on this team.

  • Darren Daniel will start at QB, and get some work at WR. Alex Loukas did not return for another year.

  • Thinks there is a great possibility of a freshman coming in and playing right away.

  • Whitaker was an unsung hero, didn't get enough credit last year especially on kickoffs. Another vital role with a lot of competition.

  • Shaw said his dad will be coming around whether he wants to or not. (laughs)

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