April 5, 2011

Sturdivant snaps to it

When new offensive line coach Will Friend told Trinton Sturdivant he'd like him to give right tackle a try, the Bulldog senior did happily. Right?

"Of course not," Sturdivant laughed after practice Tuesday afternoon. "I'd been playing left tackle for a number of years so when he told me I'd be swapping, instant panic went through my mind. 'Oh snap, I'm about to get crushed.' But after I went through a few reps and did a few reps, it got easier. I'm still working on it; I'm not saying I'm there yet but I'm in the process of getting to a place where I feel comfortable."

No, Sturdivant isn't moving to right tackle full time. It's just that Friend wants some added versatility with his line, with Cordy Glenn also getting a look at left tackle.

During Saturday's scrimmage at Sanford Stadium, Sturdivant said he took 40 reps at left tackle, 10 at right.

Sturdivant admits playing on the right side hasn't been easy.

"It's a world's difference, for me anyway. I'm always thinking left, to all of a sudden to think right is extremely difficult. It's different footwork, different hat placement, different everything," he said. "But it's one of those things where the more times you do it the better you get. I'm at that point right now; I just have to do more."

Hamilton admits early failures

Safety Jakar Hamilton thought he knew all the answers when transferred to Georgia from Georgia Military Academy.

He now admits that wasn't the case.

"I admit it, I didn't study as much last year," Hamilton said in an interview with UGASports. "I learned it's not always about the athletic ability, because I have it. It's a matter of becoming a student of the game. I think that's what is wrong with a lot of players; they don't want to become a student of the game. This year, I'm trying to study as much as I can."

Hamilton certainly found out what happens when one doesn't do what he should.

After starting Georgia's first five games, Hamilton began seeing fewer and fewer reps, something the Johnston, S.C. native now realizes was for his own good.

"Coach pulled me to keep me from embarrassing myself because I really didn't know as much as I thought I did," he said. "They probably kept me from having a really bad season. I had some good games and showed some stuff, but overall it wasn't very good. This year, I'm coming out with nothing to lose. I'm just ready to play."

He didn't feel that way last year.

"I didn't study as much; this year I'm all in it, studying, taking the opportunity of this new facility that we have and taking the time to work hard watching film," said Hamilton, currently battling Shawn Williams and Marc Deas for the starting job at strong safety.

"I studied some but not the full effect where I really came in and just focused watching film. I'd read the playbook 30 minutes here or there," he said. "This year, I'm coming in for two hours, fully looking at myself and listening to Coach (Scott Lakatos) tell me what to do."

Injury update

Running back Washaun Ealey missed a fourth practice with a strained left hamstring.

Last week, head coach Mark Richt said that Ealey could return later this week, although the junior was seen limping noticeably prior to Tuesday's practice.

Fullback Bruce Figgins (neck), tight end Aron White (undisclosed injury) and wide receiver Israel Troupe (shoulder) also were held out of practice.

Running back Ken Malcome practiced but said he was not able to finish due to his lingering sore groin.

"Today it got me, I couldn't finish practice," Malcome said. "It's been hurting the last two weeks, but today I could not get through (practice)."

Be careful what you Tweet

Malcome said he caught a lot of flak from teammates and staff a couple of months ago when he posted on Twitter that he thought he suffered a hernia.

"I didn't mean for people to see it. I had swelled up and I was just wondering what it could be," he said. "I was just wondering, but it went out there. I said the wrong thing. I know now not to put stuff like that out there."

Malcome said he started hearing about it from teammates almost as soon as the post went out.

"I got to careful. I had people calling me, saying 'Why did you do that?' I got chewed out about it a couple of times," he said. "I learned my lesson."

Bulldog offense wins the day

Georgia's offense won three of the five head-to-head drills against the defense during Tuesday's practice in full pads.

"It was a very spirited practice," said Richt. "We had a great, great day. The offense won the day for the first time this spring. The first three drills were decided on the final play."

Quarterback Aaron Murray said it was a good boost for the confidence of the offense.

"We felt pretty happy about that," he said. "We had lost 6-0, 3-2 and today we won 3-2. It was a good day coming back from the scrimmage."

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