August 4, 2011

Practice routine set

Yes, depth is an issue for Georgia at certain positions - offensive and defensive line are just a couple of those.

But despite that fact, head coach Mark Richt suggested Thursday that he won't be taking it easy this preseason when it comes to contact.

"Right now we've scheduled 11 days in full pads, three of which are scrimmages, one is a special teams practice, and two others are just for scout-team purposes. So there are really just going to be five of what I call "competition days" in full pads," Richt said. "There will be 11 practices in "shells" and approximately six or seven in shorts. So I think we have a good mix of making sure we do things we need to do to get better at blocking and tackling."

Left tackle Cordy Glenn said Richt is taking the right approach.

Although the offensive line is one of the areas where depth is a concern, the senior said the more contact, the better.

"We've got a lot of freshmen, but they can play," Glenn said. "Once they get the pads on they'll be able to see and I think it (the practice style) is going to help them mature a lot quicker."

Although there are some of the same concerns on defense, Richt said defensive coordinator Todd Grantham does not appear that concerned.

"One thing I like about (defensive coordinator Todd) Grantham is that he's so used to playing with a 53-man roster," Richt said. "When you look at a college depth chart, you're thinking, 'Man, we might be thin.' And he (Grantham) says, 'Coach, I'm used to playing with 53 guys.' He's right. There are some spots where we can't afford many injury issues. I say that, but then someone could step up and do something great."

And who knows? Richt said someone the Bulldog Nation may not be counting on could step up and surprise.

It's happened before.

"This is a story from way back, but I recall when Kentrell Curry had some type of pre-season leg injury and I was thinking, 'We just don't have enough safeties. What in the world are we going to do?'" Richt recalled. "So we said, 'Well, let's just take Thomas Davis and move him to safety." It might have been the best thing we ever did. He was one of the greatest safeties I've seen in college football. Sometimes, it just forces a guy into a different situation and it becomes a great thing for him."

Anthony Dasher is the managing editor for UGASports
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