November 5, 2011

Shaq Evans ready for his return

Sophomore wide receiver, Shaquelle Evans will be back after serving a one-game suspension. His 11 catches and 164 receiving yards on the year are good for third on team. He averages 14.9 yards per catch and has one touchdown. spoke with Evans earlier in the week. How does feel to be back ready to go after a week on the scout team?

Evans: "It feels good. I feel like I have fresh legs after sitting out a week and not playing on Saturday. It wasn't that bad sitting out because I had confidence in my teammates that they would go out there and get the job done and they did." What did you learn about the Arizona game?

Evans: "In learned that you have to be mentally prepared when it comes to games and we had a big game a couple of weeks ago and we weren't ready and we came out and didn't perform well, but this time I feel that we have experience and that we will go out and play well, especially since we are at home." You were on the scout team before you were hurt a year ago and the Bruins started out with a 17-0 lead then were blitzed by ASU. How are you going to prevent that kind of thing happening again?

Evans: "Just keep your foot on the gas. We let up last year up 17-0. We were obviously a better team and we were playing really well on defense and offense, but I guess after being up 17-0 we let up a little. Now this year if we jump on them, we are going to keep on them because we are at home and that is a big advantage. We learned from last year so I feel like we are going to well on Saturday." What happened there in Arizona that caused you and the others to get suspended? What did you learn?

Evans: "It was a learning experience that is for sure. It was the frustration of the score and being down so much and them talking, letting it get to me and I learned that..." They were taunting?

Evans: "Yeah, taunting and everything. I just have to learn to walk away from stuff like that, especially when the score is close, but even when the score is out of hand, it is to show class and represent your school correctly. I learned from that and that won't happen again." What do you guys have to do against ASU?

Evans: "We just have to be balanced. Keep them on their toes. They are a fast and aggressive defense, as we saw on tape. So we have to keep them moving. We have to pound them and pound them the way we did Cal. Just take their will away and when we get a chance throw the ball over their head with me, Nelson Rosario, Josh Smith and Randall Carroll, anybody, we are going to make plays out there for him (Kevin Prince). Mi'm really excited about this game. This is a big game this year and at home so I am really excited." The last time you played in a game at home, you made the big catch to win the game. If you guys beat ASU you will be tied for first place. Hve you guys talked about that at all?

Evans: "Yes, we know what the situation at hand is. We know that this is a big game. If we lose it is going to be hard to catch back up to ASU. This is a huge game. If we win this game we are going to be tied for first place and the tie breaker, we will be in the diver's seat to represent the South Division in the Pac 12 Championship, but we don't want to look too far ahead. We just want to focus on this week, but we do know that this is a big game and the situation is huge for us for to win this game." Is this game one of the biggest games you have had in your young career?

Evans: "So far in my career, this is the biggest game because I know if we win this game, we are in the driver's seat to get to the Pac 12 Championship and possibly a BCS Bowl game and the Rose Bowl, but we don't want to look too far ahead, but it is really exciting and yes, this is the biggest game of my career so far."

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