November 14, 2011

Coach's Corner: Faton Bauta

Most would say, and rightly so, that a head coach or a player's position coach would know that prospect best.

While that may be the case, when you coach against a player in practice every day, you get to know him in a completely capacity.

Such is the case with Georgia's newest commitment, Faton Bauta, and Dwyer defensive coordinator, Bobby Seifert.

Seifert has watched Bauta for a few years now, and there are plenty of things that stand out about the young quarterback.

"He's real smart, which is a big strength. He's really big and very very strong," said Seifert.

Bauta has turned heads all season with is bruising running style and his ability to make plays in the passing game, but the intangibles are what make him stand out.

"I've been coaching for 23 year, and he has the best work ethic of any kid that I've seen in 23 years," said Seifert. "He does a ton of extra training on his own. He usually stays for extra time on Saturdays and sometimes I'll even come to watch film on Sundays and he's running on his own. He's incredible."

Also, according to Seifert, the best is yet to come.

"The other upside to him is that he has a huge upside. He's not even close to his potential. This is the first year he has played quarterback where he was a thrower," he said. "He's always been in a system where he has been a running quarterback. He has a really strong arm and is going to get so much better. It's amazing how much better he gets every day."

As a three star recruit, there are obviously questions out there as to whether or not Bauta can be a great quarterback at the next level.

Seifert has a theory as to why those questions exist.

"He hadn't put up very good numbers at the beginning of the season and it had a lot to do with our offensive line. He didn't have any time at all so it kind of made him look bad," said Seifert. "Also, because it's his first year throwing the ball, he made some mistakes throwing the ball like a first year quarterback will do, and so I think that is a question mark in some people's minds."

While some may not think so, Bauta's defensive coordinator believes he is exactly what schools are looking for at quarterback.

"He watches a ton of film on his own of himself and the defenses we are playing. He puts in a ton of time," said Seifert. "When you have a quarterback at the college level, you want a guy who is extremely self motivated and a leader. This kid is a natural born leader. He's extremely smart and extremely athletic. He has every thing you want in a quarterback at the next level. He just needs the reps throwing the ball."

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