March 22, 2012

No weighty issue for JSW

Redshirt freshman Justin Scott-Wesley feels that he's put himself in position to perhaps have an impact on Georgia's receiving corps this fall.

But he's had to drop some weight to make it happen.

The state record holder in the 100-meter dash conceded his weight got as high as 230 pounds, before dropping 20 pounds to its current level of 210.

"It wasn't eating bad that got me, I think it was just coming in and hitting the weights so hard," he said. "The body, you naturally get bigger as you lift weights. Most of the weight was pure muscle, I would say."

But now that his weight is back under control, Scott-Wesley said he's ready to start earning some playing time.

"I'm thinking less about the plays; just going out there and just reacting, doing what I was taught," he said. "Things are coming easier but I know I've got a long way to go."

Running track for the Bulldogs has helped in a number of ways.

"It did," he said. "It helped keep me in good running form, kept my legs training and helped me get stronger. It also helped me a lot with my flexibility."

Scott-Wesley laughed that it also got him out of mat drills.

"I don't hear anything from the coaches, but I do from the players," Scott-Wesley said. "They call me 'Lucky Guy.'"

Could Moore play corner?

Yes, Corey Moore is listed as a cornerback in Georgia's spring football media guide.

But does that mean he is actually one?

Not really, although he said he could in a pinch.

"I'll play corner if they want," the sophomore said. "It's just whatever I need to do. If the team needs me there, I'm a team player first."

Moore played in 12 games last fall for Georgia, mostly on special teams.

The subject has been broached.

"They talked one time about some of the things that have gone on and they told me just to be ready," Moore said. "They told me just make sure you know both positions."

Morant back and practicing

The sight of Dexter Morant practicing has been a sight for sore eyes.

After redshirting his freshman year, Morant missed all of last season as the result of surgery on both of his shoulders.

"I was playing defensive end in high school, but I'm kind of playing both (defensive end and outside linebacker)," Morant said. "It's a work in process. I'm playing Will and when we go to nickel, I'm playing defensive end."

Morant, who said he weighs 245 pounds, was a four-star performer at Manning High (S.C.) his senior year.

Shoulder not slowing Jenkins down

Nose John Jenkins said he's pleased with how practice is going so far, although a minor shoulder issue is having an effect.

According to Jenkins, he suffers from what he describes as a "weak" shoulder.

"I don't need surgery; it's just weak - not where I want it to be," Jenkins said. "I know I'm strong; I know how strong I can be but it's not where I'm normally at."

Jenkins, however, said he is not concerned. He's also not worried about his weight.

"I want to be like 330 on the dot," he said. "I'm 340-345 now."

Dawgs see first action in shells

Georgia practiced for two hours in shells Thursday at the team's Woodruff Practice Fields.

The session included the first "competition phase" of practice, with all three won by the defense.

"It was very good to get some football tempo out there," Richt said. "We began our competition phase of the spring where we actually keep score on a couple of drills. It was a defensive day all the way. The defense is locked in right now. They've been competing very hard and getting after it, and there are some good things I'm seeing on defense."

Richt has been happy with the team's approach.

"This was a good day - the energy was good, the guys are competing," Richt said. "They're really trying to do what the coaches are asking them to do, which is outstanding. We're trying to get a gauge on who can really do this regardless of position, regardless of status or place on the depth chart."

This and that

According to quarterback Hutson Mason, tight end Arthur Lynch will shift into a fullback role during certain formations this fall. … Wide receiver Rantavious Wooten missed Thursday's practice with what Richt described as a "quad" issue. … Backup quarterback Michael Tamburo has decided to give up his football career, but will remain with the program as a student coach. … Richt said even though Kolton Houston is seeing time at the No. 1 spot at left guard, it does not necessarily mean he has beaten out Dallas Lee. Richt wouldn't comment on the ongoing situation which kept Houston from playing last year, citing his "NCAA issue" which has not yet officially been disclosed.