April 6, 2012

Bowman's chance at hand

Cornerback Devin Bowman said he doesn't know what the future will hold in regards to Georgia's secondary for the first couple of games this fall.

But whatever happens, he says he'll be ready.

"Some of our players might not get to play, so this is going to be my big chance to show what I can do," said Bowman.

A redshirt freshman, Bowman already figured to play an increased role following the graduation of Brandon Boykin. But after the recent litany of off-the-field situations involving members of Georgia's secondary, Bowman's opportunity may be even more pronounced than first thought.

"We've talked about it a little bit, but we really don't know the depth chart right now," Bowman said. "But it has motivated me to work harder both on and off the field. I'm in my playbook after every practice."

Lessons are being learned both on and off the field.

For example: "Not getting into trouble, basically being focused all around," Bowman shrugged, who is getting most of his looks at boundary corner for the Bulldogs this spring.

"I have learned so much, man," Bowman said. "I can say right now I've moved from scout team to second team defense so that's a big step."

It's a position that Bowman believes will serve him well in the years to come.

"I think it's a good fit because it's making me play more physical," he said. "In high school, you're not challenged, but this is the SEC - everybody is tough. You've got to be a tough player, play hard and stay focused if you want to make it and do a good job."

Bowman credits fellow Dream Teamer Damian Swann for helping him make the progressions he has.

"(Swann) is an awesome player. I've learned so much from him and he's one of the players who helps me out; he stays on me all the time," Bowman said. "I can say everybody in our circle is learning and progressing a lot. I think we're going to be OK."

One of the state's more versatile players his senior year at Ridgeland High, Bowman actually rushed for 1,567 career yards, scored 18 touchdowns, including five on special teams returning kicks and punts.

But according to Bowman, he's currently not slated to do the same for the Bulldogs.

"Yeah, I did a lot in high school, but right now no. I wish they would, but I guess it's not my time right now," Bowman said. "I'll see how it turns out."