July 19, 2012

John L. Smith at SEC Media Days

Birmingham, Ala. - The Razorbacks did themselves proud on Wednesday, the second day of 2012 SEC Media Days in Birmingham, and interim head coach John L. Smith stole the show.

Smith took the podium in the main interview room at 10:50 a.m. Maybe it is something about interim coaches because the last coach that put on such a show was Vanderbilt interim head coach Robbie Caldwell in 2010. There was no doubt Smith was a hit judging by the comments of several media members during and following his interview.

The main media room is huge, full of journalists who are busy writing stories, editing photos and videos and more, and not all of them are necessarily giving their full attention to the speakers. That may have been true the first minute Smith was at the podium, but for 25 minutes one got the impression that the room not only was there to see him but probably would have gladly paid to see his show.

Smith's response to the fourth question he was asked drew heavy laughter. 'Do you want to be the coach at Arkansas long term?'

"Well, certainly. Do I look stupid? Don't answer that question," Smith quipped. "That is...

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