August 14, 2012

Tetlow's list stays intact

Richmond (Va.) Mills E. Godwin offensive tackle Eric Tetlow planned to narrow his list of schools down around Aug. 3-5, but was unable to.

"I have more and more schools starting to come into the picture, so we'll see where my recruiting goes and I'll probably play the first couple of games and send out a little bit of film and see what that does," Tetlow said. "That's my plan for now."

"Arizona State came into the picture. Vanderbilt wants to see one of my first games this year; same with Florida State. Some of the newer schools are just waiting on what happens. I'm happy with the choices I have. All of the schools are even par right now."

Tetlow is working to whittle his choices to two, which is where he will try to make his official visits time-permitting.

"I've pretty much visited everywhere I've needed to visit," Tetlow said. "I need to go back up to Maryland. I need to meet with the academics advisor up there; the only thing I really have to do."

He went to Virginia Tech, Maryland, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia over spring break, then launched a summer college tour with trips to Wake Forest, returned to Virginia Tech, caught some sunshine in Florida with stops at Florida State, Miami and South Florida, traveled out to the Midwest to see Purdue and Vanderbilt before heading north for a visit to Boston College that completed his journey.

"I really enjoyed my visit to Wake Forest," Tetlow said. "The whole experience overall was really cool getting to work with [offensive line] Coach [Jonathan] Himebauch at the camp and I did real well at the camp and getting to tour the campus and eat lunch with him and talk about his plans for me. That was pretty cool. I just enjoyed all of the different visits a lot, because every place was different and every place has its cons and every place has its pros. It's a fun experience going down through Florida, going up North, going out West. I really enjoyed pretty much every visit."

"One of the coolest [experiences I had on a visit] was when I was up at Boston. I sat down with Coach [Jim] Bolling, the o-line coach for about an hour and a half, hour and me and my parents just listened to what he teaches, the different techniques that he has. That was pretty cool and afterwards I got to eat lunch with all of the incoming freshman linemen. That was really cool. We got to sit there and watch the Olympics and eat pizza and talk about what it's really like to be up in college as an incoming freshman with summer camp and summer training. That was pretty fun."

He claims scholarship offers from Boston College, East Carolina, Maryland, Navy, Old Dominion, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Richmond, South Florida, Temple and Wake Forest, while Arizona State, Florida State, Miami (Fla.), Vanderbilt, Virginia and Virginia Tech are showing interest.

The 6-foot-6 and 294-pounder, who is rated as a three-star recruit by, believes Arizona State, Florida State and Vanderbilt are close to offering him a scholarship.

"I'm thinking near the end of September I'll be able to make a decision," Tetlow said. "I don't want to push this all the way through the season. I feel like once I get through the first couple of games under my belt to get a nice film that will square stuff away with the schools like Florida State and Vanderbilt I can decide from there and see where I want to go. They're [Virginia Tech] still an option. They want to see my first game of the season, so we'll see where that goes."

"First of all is academics. I want a place with a great degree and what I want to study. Second of all I really look at what is the reputation of offensive linemen that come out of the school? Do they have a rich history of sending linemen to the NFL, or having great linemen picked in the first round or have they not had a lineman go to the NFL in the past 20 years. Those are really the main things I'm looking at."

Tetlow added the relationship he has with the offensive line coach for each school recruiting him impacts his recruitment significantly.

"I'll be spending every waking day with that coach the next five years," Tetlow said. "I want to be able to enjoy myself at the same time, so it's pretty important."

An offensive line coach he has connected well with in particular is Himebauch.

He communicates with Himebauch every other day on Facebook or Twitter. Tetlow said tells him how Mills E. Godwin's training camp is going, while Himebauch keeps him up to date on Wake's.

"I really like Coach Hime," Tetlow said. "He's a really good guy."

A school's proximity to his home and family will not be a major factor in Tetlow's decision-making process, but is something he is still thinking about.

"The way I've been looking at it is the benefits do they outweigh the distance," Tetlow said. "I really don't mind going that far away, because I'll be busy no matter what. If I play for U of R or if I go down and play for Florida State, which is 14 hours away I still won't be able to see my family all that much."

Tetlow said choosing a school is a tough decision.

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