September 16, 2012

Big night for Lynch

Going into Saturday nights contest with Florida Atlantic, Georgia tight ends Arthur Lynch and Jay Rome had combined for one catch on the season.

The lone reception came a week earlier on a big third down play to Rome that went for 15 yards and a first down.

Saturday, however, Lynch finally got on the board and then some.

The redshirt junior finished with three receptions for 73 yards a 36 yard touchdown catch and run in the third quarter. The touchdown was the first of his career.

According to Lynch, however, having to wait until Game 3 didn't both him in the slightest.

"I think the first two weeks we saw a situation where Coach (Mike) Bobo put the game-plan together in a way that we could attack the other team and get things going more receivers in the game," said Lynch. "I don't think us (the tight ends) not getting many balls says anything about us as players really. As a tight end I am half lineman half receiver and I take a lot of pride in my blocking. I know Jay does too, so that is part of being involved too."

After seeing so little action in the passing game through the first three games, many had come to believe that the tight ends were being asked to stay in and help pass protect, but that is not the case.

Against Missouri, the tight ends were only in the game on 10 plays where the Bulldogs chose to go to the air, and only one time was the tight end asked to stay in and block.

But if it were left up to Lynch, he will just do what it takes to help his team win.

"I'll go out there and block or try to make plays like I got a chance to do tonight, it doesn't matter," he said. "I always go back to last year when we had Orson Charles and another very productive tight end in Aron White and the tight ends didn't have a catch against South Carolina. They still went on to have good years and help us win, but that is just how it goes sometimes."

While the Massachusetts native takes a great deal of pride in his ability to block, he will be the first to admit that it does feel good to get involved as a receiver as well.

"Oh yeah. It always feels good to have a chance to make plays like that," said Lynch. "We, as a team, just like to go out there and play together. As cliché as it may sound, we just enjoy playing out there together so it is always nice to be able to make plays."

The time may come when the Georgia offensive staff sees a mismatch where they can build the game plan around the tight end.

Lynch, however, doesn't necessarily see that day coming because he sees himself as a small piece to a big puzzle.

"Coach Bobo is a guy that has forgot more football than I'll ever know. He is a high football IQ guy and I don't think he would ever just build a plan around one thing like that," said Lynch. "I'll do whatever I have to do out there to help us win."

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