September 29, 2012

Army falls to Stony Brook, 23-3

During last week's Yahoo!Sports Radio Campus Report, Publisher Charles Grevious indicated that Army's 2012 season thus far is a classic case where "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray".

"Or at least 1/2 of those plans," noted Grevious. He indicated that Army's offense which going into Saturday contest against Stony Brook, was leading the nation in rushing. However, the Black Knights' defense has been Missing In Action and they were ranked 111th in the nation in total defense where they are giving up whooping 492 yards per game.

Grevious went on to state, "This game (Stony Brook) represents an opportunity for Army to get on track or continue in a downward spiral... clearly this is the biggest game of the season for the Black Knights."

After today's contest, no one could argue a "few" apparent facts.

With four games under their belt, the 2012 has yet to developed their identity. "The worse thing that can happen is to have the cook out in the field leading the battle and the General in the kitchen cooking the food. In order to know where you are going, you have to know who you are ... this team does not have a grasp on neither and that start with Coach Rich Ellerson and his staff.

Defensively undersized and consistently manhandled at both the 1st (D-line) and 2nd (linebackers) levels.

In a era of open offenses and rules that assist in highlighting those same offenses ... at the end of the day, defense wins games. Army has yet to win a game in 2012, so enough said.

The 2012 Army Black Knights appear to lack on the field leadership from its cast of players.

Wholesale changes in personal that started during the Wake Forest game, where freshmen Chris Carnegie, ? and ? were thrown into the starting line-up brings to question the recruiting and, as well as the development of players who they replaced and who have been in the system for 2-3 years.

The most notable fact .... the Army Black Knights are in a serious "downward spiral and from the assessment of may of those in attendance on Saturday, the program as a whole did not show up in what was their biggest game of the season.

From the beginning of the contest, it appeared, although not a surprise, that Stony Brook was going to utilize their size difference of their O-line and take it to Army.

After forcing the Black Knights to punt on the first series of the game, the Seawolves, who were ranked 18th in the latest Sports Network FCS poll, picked up where they left off. Running back Miguel Maysonet, who ran for 198 yards last weekend was the catylst of Stony Brook's opening drive that and was capped off with Maysonet's 49 yard touchdown run. However, not to take credit away from the talented 5-foot-10, 210 senior running back, it was also a combination of being manhandled up front, poor angles by backers and bad tackling in the secondary that would haunt Army all day and only serve to make the Seawolves' offensive task more glaring.

However, Army fans had become accustomed to the ills of the defense, but had some comfort in knowing that the offense would hold up their end of the bargain.

Unfortunately, the Black Knights' typically reliable offense, which was minus mainstay offensive center, Ryan Powis would revert back to their undisciplined ways shown in the season opener versus San Diego State.

On 3 of their next 4 offensive series, the Black Knights fumbled the ball away. One turnover occurred in the 2nd quarter on Stony Brooks' 34 yard line when it appeared slotback Raymond Maples took his eyes off of the pitch from quarterback Trent Steelman. However, the most heartbreaking fumble came in the 2nd quarter on the tail-end of a 10 play, 71 yard drive at the Seawolves' 10 yard line and Stony Brook leading as the handoff exchange between Steelman and fullback Larry Dixon. This occurred with 4:52 remaining in the 1st half, that also so Stony Brook march the length of the field only to be stalled by the Army defense as the Seawolves would settle for a 45 yard field goal and take a 13-0 lead into the halftime locker room.

Needless to say, the portion of the 31,006 who were Army fans, were dumbfounded by the Black Knights' first half performance that saw their team in the red zone on two occasions, only cough up the ball and come away scoreless. While the defense saw running back Miguel Maysonet, ramble for 139 yards on just 12 carries and one touchdown.

Many of those same Army fans witnessed the half-time festivities that included the honorees who had been inducted in Army's Hall of Fame. One on hand was former football coach (1983-90), Jim Young, who might have been wondering what was unfolding before his very eyes.

However, with an entire half of football to be played at Michie Stadium and only down 13-0, there was still optimism in the air.

Unfortunately, nobody told the Seawolves to take the metal off the petal as the "marched" down the field after receiving the 2nd half kickoff and never looked back. Their 16 play, 75 yard drive took an whooping 8:31 off the clock and was very Army like.

With a 20-0 lead under their belt, the balance of the ball game was a reflection of what happen taken place throughout ... Army's defense could not slow down Stony Brook's offense and the Black Knights' offense was consistently inconsistent.

Unfortunately for the Army coaches, players and fans .... another classic case where "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray".

Final Score:

Stony Brook 23
Army 0

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