October 9, 2012

Coates' passion a call to arms


AUBURN -- Honesty isn't always pretty.

Wideout Sammie Coates, a redshirt freshman, stepped to the podium Tuesday morning to answer questions about the Tigers' 1-4 start. He knows the scores. He knows Auburn's offense hasn't played with the kind of precision and passion necessary to score consistently.

So when asked to explain problems on the field, Coates linked them to what he sees as some off-the-field issues. He believes that players in the featured positions, guys in the Saturday spotlight every week, have to be the ones to affect change from the top.

He's not seeing that.

"Some of the older guys, they want it but they don't want it bad enough," Coates said. "We ain't got enough leadership on the team. The leadership's got to come from somebody -- the quarterbacks, the running backs, somebody has to step up. That's the only way we're going to step through this."

Was it a harsh statement? Sure.

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