October 20, 2012

Tech defeats TCU in OT thriller

FORT WORTH - It had been a grinder of a game for the Red Raiders with a lot of emotions riding on this set of downs.

TCU kicker Jarden Oberkrom was having a career day and just nailed his sixth field goal on sixth attempts to give the Horned Frogs a 53-50 lead against the Red Raiders midway through the third overtime period. Four hours came down to this for quarterback Seth Doege and his friends Alex Torres and Austin Zouzalik in upgraded roles in the offensive huddle and Cody Davis, D.J. Johnson and Kerry Hyder on the defense.

The Red Raiders had not had a turnover all game but if they turned the ball over here the game was over. One missed field goal and the Horned Frogs would steal a game Tech led by 10 in the final minutes of regulation.. A made field goal and it could go on for another few minutes. A touchdown and the Red Raiders could go home with a win, potentially a top 15 ranking and a 6-1 record.

First and goal from the eight-yard line and Doege released a ball right into TCU's Devonte Fields' oversized hand. It fluttered for a moment before dropping falling to the ground incomplete.

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