November 13, 2012

No love for the option

Make no mistake. You won't a single member of Georgia defense which is looking forward to playing the triple option of Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech the final two weeks of the 2012 campaign.

Nose John Jenkins arguably tops the list.

"I didn't know you could cut people five different ways," Jenkins said. "You've got the one where they dive at your knees, you've got the one where they roll up your legs; you've got the one where they dive, hook up with your arm and try to disguise it. There are all kinds of ways."

Jenkins said he's prepared to see every one when the fifth-ranked Bulldogs (9-1) entertain the FCS Eagles (8-2) Saturday at Sanford Stadium (1:30 p.m., WSB).

"Sometimes the referees don't even see it and it's a high-low, because if I'm engaged with the center and that guard comes down and hits me; that's illegal," Jenkins said. "But I'm just ready to play. I've got to play it. I'm going to do the best I can. I'm ready to play."

Linebacker Jarvis Jones, who is among the nation's leaders in sacks with 10.5, is not exactly a fan, either.

"It's crazy. I hate these games, personally. I'm sure every else does on defense, too," Jones said. "This week is going to be very intense, especially in practice because everybody hates it, so they're kind of teed off."

Defensive line coach Rodney Garner was asked if he thought the use of cut blocks was fair, and for that matter dangerous due to a player's legs being taken out from under.

"I think if we're truly concerned about student athlete welfare, we need to ensure that we're looking at it from a safety standpoint - on both sides of the ball," Garner said. "Sometimes I think the welfare may be favoring one side or the other, so we need to make sure - if we're examining rules - which we need to look at making sure these safety things are in for both sides of the ball. There are some things I really feel like they need to look at for the safety of the student athlete because there could be some career-type things happening."

The Bulldogs already knew a little something about that.

In last year's game at Georgia Tech, defensive end DeAngelo Tyson injured his knee after being cut by a Yellow Jacket player and missed the SEC championship along with the Outback Bowl against Michigan State.

"I forgot what happened to DeAngelo until we started watching film of last year's game, " Jenkins said. "You get it (cut block) during the year but you don't get it often. This team (Georgia Southern) perfects cutting. They chopped Alabama in half last year; this team perfected the art of cutting."

The results against the Crimson Tide were certainly impressive.

Despite losing 45-21 to Alabama, Georgia Southern rushed for 302 yards, the most-ever allowed by one of Nick Saban's Crimson Tide teams.

"Not everybody uses the same style of offense. People do what's best for them and if this is what's best for them, I'm not going to knock them. I just feel like, it's a lot for a defensive lineman. It's one thing in high school, but when you're at the college level, that's people's livelihoods," Jenkins said. "It's a different way to look at it because you're toying with people's live. I've read stories on people getting cut the wrong way and can't play football again. We know we've got to be careful."

Welch, LeMay still competing for top backup role

When Aaron Murray was knocked out for one play against Auburn, it was walk-on Parker who got the call instead of former four-star standout Christian LeMay.

Does that mean Welch is officially the Bulldogs' No. 2 quarterback? Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said not necessarily.

"No, there's a competition this week to see who goes in there," Bobo said Tuesday. "Right now Parker has a better handle of what we're trying to do offensively, but both of them go equal reps today and we'll make a decision closer to game time on which that guy might be."

Neither backup has received extensive snaps for the Bulldogs as the two have combined to attempt just two passes.

Bobo said he's encouraged LeMay not to get down on himself, but that's not unusual when you're talking about backup QBs.

"You really have to talk to a lot of these guys because all of them come in with high expectations and aspirations of coming in their first or second year and playing, making a contribution and sometimes it doesn't go the way so you just keep encouraging them," Bobo said. "You've just got to continually tell them that there are opportunities every day to impress, in the film room and on the field so you've just got to continue to work. When that opportunity comes, you've got to be ready to show what you can do."

New position for Harvey-Clemons

Freshman Josh Harvey-Clemons has been working at nickel back and safety for much of the year, but on Tuesday was seen trying another position on for size - outside linebacker.

"We're just trying to move guys around to get our best 11 out there, so he could be playing multiple spots," defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said.

Harvey-Clemson has played in all 10 games for Georgia, mostly on special teams where he made a season-high three tackles against Florida Atlantic.

This and that

Georgia practiced in full pads for the second straight day Tuesday and likely will the rest of the week, head coach Mark Richt said. "It was a good day," head coach Mark Richt said. "I thought the scout team so far is really giving good effort trying to give us the best look we can get. It's going to be tough to get it just right." … Offensive guard Chris Burnette (left shoulder injury), defensive end Abry Jones (ankle) and linebacker Chase Vasser (left shoulder sprain) remained out of practice Tuesday.