November 28, 2012

3-star Athlete chimes in on his recruiting

The 3-star prospect D.J. Juste is being recruited to play a variety of positions at the next level, depending on what school you are talking about.

The 6-foot-1, 195 pound quarterback/athlete out of Port St. Lucie (Fl.) Port St. Lucie High School is currently holding down offers from several schools including Illinois, Buffalo, Navy, Northern Illinois, Toledo and most recently, the Army Black Knights which came to Juste last week.

"Army's offer recently came, Illinois and Buffalo were during the season, along with Toledo," shared Juste as recounted how his recruiting started and has continues to unfold.

"Actually, Coach Holmes (Clarence) just called tonight," shared Juste in his conversation with on Tuesday. "Our relationship is coming along good.

Juste was quick to point out that having offers from both Army and Navy is very appealing and each have his full attention. "I am very interested, just because I know that I would have a future if football doesn't work out for me and could be set for the rest of my life," says the student-athlete, who currently maintains a 3.4 GAP. "I would always have something to look forward to and not wasting my life."

Although versatile, his primary position at Port St. Lucie is quarterback and according to Juste, that is the word that he is hearing from several colleges.

"That's where Army is recruiting me and I know I am one of if not their top QB recruit," declares the 6-foot-2, 185 pounder. "Navy has said that I am their No. 1 quarterback, Georgia Southern, I'm there No. 1 quarterback, FAU, I'm there No. 1 quarterback. Illinois and Buffalo ... I'm there No. 1 athlete as in receiver, punt returner, kick returner and I think Vandy is going to jump back in the mix as well."

Playing in the Nike All-Star game (Miami, Florida) as a wide receiver, selected to play in the Outback Bowl as a quarterback and starting.

So, what position does Juste project himself playing at the collegiate level? "I believe I can play quarterback, but if I have to play receiver, I am fine with that, as long as I get on the field early," he shared. "I believe I can play quarterback and my height doesn't mean anything because you have Russell Wilson is only 5'10", Michael Vick and he's only 6 foot and the quarterback from Notre Dame is only 6'1", you have a few guys in college football who are having great seasons at a short height. And I have the ability to spread the field out with my legs and defenses have to respect that."

Needless to say, Juste's exposure to both the spread option and triple option make him a hot commodity with both academies, not to mention his effectiveness with both his arm and legs.

"I ran for 996 yards and I passed for over 600 yards," said Juste, who is the all-time leading rusher and passer in his school's history, where he has compiled a career total of combined yardage that has exceeded 6,000 offensively.

For Juste, he will have an opportunity to see both academies in action as they go head-to-head on Dec. 7th. "I'm going to watch the Army-Navy and I will be visiting each sometime in January," he said.

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