September 8, 2013

JSW shows his speed

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Justin Scott-Wesley on win over South Carolina from on Vimeo.

As strange as it may sound, Georgia's most electrifying offensive play wasn't even in the original game plan for Saturday's game against 6th-ranked South Carolina.

But when quarterback Aaron Murray looked up and found a wide-open Justin Scott-Wesley for an 85-yard touchdown to cement the Bulldogs' 41-30 win, one has to believe the former Mitchell County standout will get even more opportunities soon.

"I was surprised too because we hadn't run it all week. It wasn't even in the game plan we studied this week," Scott-Wesley said. "But give credit to Coach (Mike) Bobo, he saw a weakness from up top and we took advantage of it."

Murray couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Scott-Wesley had been left uncovered by what appeared to be 20 or more yards.

"He was the second read, looked up and he was wide open on the sideline," said Murray.

Scott-Wesley was surprised himself.

"I knew I was wide open, because the safety didn't get off the hash enough. I just caught the ball the next thing that was on my mind was just don't get caught, don't get caught," he said. "I've got confidence in my speed. Everybody wrote me off as a track guy. I always thought I was fast but today I showed that I'm a wide receiver too."

Scott-Wesley finished with three catches for 116 yards.

"It was a crazy moment … a big play in a big game," he said. "When Aaron rolled out, I looked and we were eye-to-eye. I was just throw it, throw it, throw it."

The rest, as they say, was history, much like Scott-Wesley who displayed the speed he used to set the state of Georgia record in the 100 meter dash back in 2010.

"They forgot about me on that play, but I don't think they'll forget about me anymore," he said. "That was just an awesome feeling. I'm going to have to go back and look at that one."

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