June 14, 2006

Insider Report: OL getting bigger and stronger

By the end of the 2005 regular season, the Seminole offensive line was literally a running joke. One of the more popular farks (manipulated photo on the Internet) created by rival fans was a shot of Drew Weatherford in the shotgun with several turnstiles in front of him instead of an offensive line. Seminole fans openly laughed at the dig because it really hit the mark.

More than just the players up front struggling, was trying to revamp an already thin line after massive injuries hit. By the time the season finale at Florida rolled around, starters Matt Meinrod, John Frady and Cory Niblock were all out of the lineup with season-ending injuries. The line started the season extremely thin and the massive losses only magnified what was already a glaring weakness.

With that in mind, the coaching staff made it crystal clear that the number one priority for the off-season is getting the offensive line tougher and more physical. To do accomplish that goal, the time and intensity of the weight lifting sessions were increased.

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