July 10, 2006

Mozes would prefer 'laundry' money, who wouldn't?

MORGANTOWN--Like any college senior, WVU All-American center Dan Mozes would like a little more walking around money from the NCAA.

But unlike many college seniors, Mozes, whose "job" it is to commit to West Virginia football almost 365 days a year, has no way to make money outside of the NCAA mandated cash allowed.

At WVU, Mozes said most players living outside the dormitories are allowed "between $500-$600" to pay for their room, board and transportation. Other players, who meet federal guidelines for need (no parents) can pick up even more money because of their unique situations.

Freshmen who live in residence halls are comped all their expenses by the athletic department. The up-to-$600 figure Mozes talks about, amounts to a product of a formula mandated by the NCAA, due to regional cost of living expenses. (For instance, at UCLA, that figure amounts to more than $800).

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