July 10, 2006

Sooner near misses, not misses at all?

In college football every school has 'misses' in the recruiting game, players that countless pain-staking hours were poured into the recruitment of only to see the player sign elsewhere, often times with a nearby rival.

Even recruiting juggernauts like USC and Texas have missed on the occasional player in recent years, and while Oklahoma may not have quite the same batting average among the nation's truly elite prospects as the past two national champions they've done well enough with players like Adrian Peterson, Rhett Bomar, and Tommie Harris to name a few.

With that being said, they've also had their fair share of recruiting misses. Some simply chose a different school, while others waited too long to make a choice, or simply had an odd parting of ways with the program. In almost every case to date, the Sooners 'miss' was never truly seen as one high school superstar after another fizzled at the collegiate level. While the jury is still out on a few of these recruiting 'losses' for the most part the group hasn't left Oklahoma hurting too badly due to their absence.

1. Robert Meachem, Wide Receiver - Class of 2003
Analysis: The night before signing day there was every indication that Meachem would cast his lot with the Sooners however at a press conference in Tulsa he shocked everyone by electing to join Phillip Fulmer and the Tennessee Volunteers, the team with which he had taken his last visit before signing day. Meachem was the most highly thought of prospect in recent memory and many believed he'd be an instant starter for Oklahoma. At Tennessee he has shown flashes of brilliance but has struggled to stay healthy.

2. Myron Rolle, Linebacker - Class of 2006
Analysis:This one may not have been as dramatic as Meachem, but it was a long slow death for Sooner fans. Rolle first burst into the national consciousness at an Oklahoma camp following his freshman year of high school. After several long treks from New Jersey it was almost believed to be a foregone conclusion that Rolle would end up in Norman, but on national television in the winter of 2005 he selected Florida State over Oklahoma, Michigan, and Florida. Obviously Rolle hasn't had a chance to do much, but early reports from Tallahassee are strong for Rolle.

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