July 11, 2006

Fall camp preview: Toughest job in town

Nobody may have a tougher job in the month of August then running back's coach Randy Jordan.

The third-year position coach and retired NFL veteran must find a way to work in a line-up of five running backs that could play for almost any team in the country.

There's no doubt Jordan will continue with what he has called "the committee" approach, but this year's table may not have enough chairs to fit all of his running backs.

"We have a system here and I believe in it," Jordan said after the spring game. "It's the committee system and we role with the one that's hot. It allows them to stay fresh throughout the game."

Heading into fall camp, sophomores Marlon Lucky and Cody Glenn will go in with an early leg up on the competition, but juniors Kenny Wilson and Brandon Jackson and sophomore Leon Jackson are all in the fight with them.

One of the areas Jordan tested his young backs in this spring was toughness. Jordan purposely put his backs in physical situations where they were forced to play through injury and pain.

In fact, there was a day were all three of Nebraska's top running backs got banged up in one scrimmage and Jordan joked that he was ready to strap up and go in if they couldn't.

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