August 2, 2006

South Florida punter commits to UCF

The commitments keep coming in for George O'Leary and the University of Central Florida. The latest to jump on board is Blake Clingan, a punter at Coral Springs High School in Broward County. Clingan, who was recruited by offensive line coach Joe Gilbert, first caught the eye of the Golden Knights' coaches after impressive performances at kicking combines.

"I kicked in what's called the Expo held in January of each year in Miami," Clingan said. "I won it my sophomore and junior year and that's when UCF started getting in contact with me and sending letters. I went the first week of June for their junior day. We got a tour of the campus and got a talk. On that junior day I got pulled into Coach O'Leary's office with two other punters-- one from St. Thomas, Mike Groody, and some kid from Georgia, but I don't know his name. Coach O'Leary said we're looking for a punter."

Clingan thought UCF would want him to workout for them, but when they got back to him later they said they didn't need to.

"We planned a time to come out and punt for them, but that wasn't necessary," Clingan said. "Coach Gilbert texted me and I called him back. I asked when can I get the opportunity to kick for Coach O'Leary in front of the other kids, but he texted me and said, 'That's not necessary and to give me a call as soon as you can, I have good news.' So I called. He said, 'We made our decision. We've seen your tape, seen you kick at the Expo and we want to offer you a full ride to UCF to become a Knight."

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