August 15, 2006

The teaching continues

Monday marked the continuation of daily doubles for the Oregon State football team. And while the intensity level was down during the morning practice, there was plenty of teaching and learning going on.

Case in point, Greg Newhouse was still coaching long after he had exited Prothro Field. And he was animated as ever while discussing technique with freshman linebacker Dwight Roberson. Beaver Nation shouldn't be too worried about the linebackers this season. Newhouse is back at home where he belongs.

New tight ends coach Jay Locey is already making his presence felt. His knowledge of the game was evident while he worked with his players on blocking technique. But what was even more impressive is his ability to communicate. He gets his point across in a positive manner. He could be a terrific recruiter for the Beavers.

It was also refreshing to watch Lee Hull coach the receivers. Make no mistake about it; he knows that some of his players have to step up big this season. So his players were going through the motions, from catching to blocking. He was quick to offer praise to receivers such as Ruben Jackson who was catching everything. But he also jumped on those who weren't making crisp catches such as Zach Tarver and a lot of the walk-ons.

But the coaching highlight of the practice involved offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh. After running back Patrick Fuller made a great block during a drill, Cavanaugh ran over to Fuller and gave him a hug much to the delight of the on looking players. Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter and hollering. Fuller had looked impressive earlier in the morning during a drill where the running backs lowered their shoulders and crashed into a dummy bag. So apparently, he got rewarded for his work.

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