September 1, 2006

Post-game Quotes: Carpenter and Baloney

Sophomore quarterback Rudy Carpenter and junior cornerback Chris Baloney were two of the ASU players that addressed members of the media following the team's 35-14 win over Northern Arizona on Thursday night at Sun Devil Stadium. Here are their quotes from the post-game.

Rudy Carpenter:

"It was rough for us the whole night … they have a different style of defense that we really never see. They got three safeties that kind of you know, I would say they do whatever they want and linebackers that do whatever they want. And even though sometimes it's un-sound what it does is it confuses us and we didn't know who to block who to throw to so we had to resort to running the ball a little (more) but you know we'll get better."

"Sometimes you just can't get it going and we couldn't get it going. So [Chris Baloney] made a big play for us that sparked us and [Dimitri Nance] and [Keegan (Herring] came in and ran hard for us tonight."

Regarding the unusual NAU defense:

"I'm sure you guys can tell. You guys have been around the game a little, you can tell. Did it look weird to you guys? It looked weird to us. We couldn't even make our 'front' call. That's why we tried to go 'no huddle' to try to get them to stop moving around so much. That's a credit to them, but it's Game 1 so we're going to get better and a win is a win, it doesn't matter by how much."

"You want to blow people out but it doesn't always work that way. And I think what people really need to understand is this: In college football, I mean if anyone watched the Boston College (versus) Central Michigan game, I mean its close. Every team wants to win and every team's going to play their hardest. It doesn't matter if it's by one point or a hundred, like I said, a win is a win. And we're going to be happy with it. I mean 14-14, it's the way it goes sometimes and I'm just happy we didn't fold and we didn't get down on each other and [Baloney] made a big play.

Chris Baloney:

"It was great man. I was just so excited to be out here … I came out here and played my heart out tonight. We want to have a big season this year, a Rose Bowl season … We just wanted to show that these guys shouldn't be playing (on the same level) with us. They had a couple lucky plays in the first half that they got out on us, you know but we anticipated that. We anticipated they'd do some trick plays and they did 'em this game so we give our hats to 'em for making some plays but we still got the win."

On his first career interception, which he returned 35 yards for a touchdown in the first play of the fourth quarter:

"Oh man, I was excited. I [didn't] know what to do. My first interception in D-1 and I took it to the house. I was just so excited man, my son was in the stands, you know I was just overwhelmed."

"[ASU's defensive line and linebackers] were putting pressure on the quarterback so it made it pretty easy for us, you know the DBs. You know, Derron Ware was putting pressure on the quarterback, getting back there and it made it pretty easy on the DBs.

"I just told Rudy (Carpenter) when were in the locker room you know that we need to step it up on offense and defense. It was 14-14 and don't nobody know how hard we've been practicing this summer you know we just been going through a lot you know we did a lot this summer to work for today. And you know I told Rudy I said man we've got to step it up. You gotta get [the offense] up and I just told my guys on defense you know, we gotta go, we gotta step it up and then in the second half they couldn't do nothing."

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