September 1, 2006

Passing game carries offense

Boston College is known for it's running game. It's reputation of a ground and pound offense was well earned, when, over a span of six years, BC produced six straight 1,000+ yard rushers.

Last night, the vaunted Boston College rushing game garnered a net 85 yards and was outrushed by Central Michigan of the MAC by 43 yards. And it would have been 60 had the CMU QB's not been sacked for big losses.

Looking at the film, there seem to be three main reasons for the breakdown in the running game last night. First, the offensive line has not yet jelled. They were bumping into one another on zone blocking and not sure of their whereabouts on other plays as well. Second, the running backs are still not finding the holes and third, the handoffs are so deep and so delayed and there is absolutely no misdirection so the running plays are basically telegraphed.

Lastly, the set BC uses naturally draws eight and nine men in to the box. If you are a safety and you see the tight end come out of the huddle and line up in a tight formation, you immediately roll up, if not all the way into the box. When the Eagles come out in an I formation with a wing over the tight end, they are simply begging the defenders to add additional men to the box. With the lack of misdirection, nine men in the box, and a delayed handoff, the running game is handicapped from the get go.

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