September 5, 2006

Coker the day after: We'll get better

A day after Miami's 13 10 loss to Florida State at the Orange Bowl, coach Larry Coker summed up his thoughts on the game.

"Last night's game was typical of a lot of these games," Coker said. "This was the 17th time this game has been decided by a field goal or less. Obviously it was a great defensive football game. The bottom line was, in the second half, offensively we didn't make plays and they did make plays. That sums it up pretty simply. We were pretty efficient in the first half, did some good things, made some plays. We lost field position in the second half, really had a tough time ever regaining field position. We talked about that as a team. We knew field position would be important. We gained it in the second quarter with a great punt. We got the points. But we had opportunities, I think, to put them away in the second quarter. We didn't get that done.

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