September 6, 2006

'D-Block' breakdown

Mississippi State's defensive line flexed its muscle against Steve Spurrier and his Cock and Fire offense last Thursday. They limited South Carolina to only one touchdown and held them to a couple of field goals deep in their territory. The Bulldogs defensive line was tabbed as a strength and has yet to disappoint.

"You have to start with our seniors upfront," coach Brick Haley commented. "The experience of all those guys and the games that they have played in is a big help for us. Hopefully they will help the younger guys with their development." Coach Haley commented.

Deljuan Robinson was one of the most heralded recruits in his signing class. He had aspirations to anchor down a defensive end position, but put on some weight and his strength was needed for the interior of the Bulldogs defense. Robinson has the most experience among the group and is the biggest.

"Deljuan is big and strong and plays with a physical mentality. He has done a good job for us and I really appreciate his senior leadership," Haley said.

Andrew Powell is not a physical specimen but his play speaks for itself. A quiet guy that you would never hear anything about, Powell sets the standard for his teammates. All Powell does is go about his business and lets his lunch-pail attitude rub off on his fellow "D-Block" members.

"Powell is a guy that's steady," Haley stated. "He brings his lunch pail to work and always has his mind on his business. He is a very big competitor, and I really enjoy coaching that side of him. It's the little things that he does that helps keep those other guys going that is priceless to us."

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