September 13, 2006

Richt airs concerns about the future OL

Georgia has an eight-man rotation on the offensive line this season and they
have four seniors in that rotation. Three of those four graduating players are
tackles Daniel Inman, Ken Shackleford, and
Michael Turner. Georgia will only return two starters next
year on the offensive line and no true offensive tackles, and that concerns Georgia
coach Mark Richt.

Junior Chester Adams is the only offensive line currently
in the rotation with any experience at tackle.

"I think we will be fine this year, it is really next year's line
that I am worried about," said Richt. "If we stay healthy this year
we are ok, if we get hurt then we are in trouble because we will have to play
some green guys, but next year it will be very interesting."

Many schools look to junior college players, but given the tough academic standards
at Georgia and the complexity of the offense, coach Richt is reluctant to look
at JUCO players.

"It is tough to get JC (junior college) kids in here and the other thing
is I like bring them in a freshmen," said Richt. "I like them to
learn the Georgia way and get through the rough spots early on and then three
or four years in peace. If you bring in a junior college guy, by the time he
figures out what we are doing and why we are doing it a certain way he is gone."

Dawgs move inside for a break

The Georgia coaching staff decided to give the team a break during Wednesday's
practice by moving inside to escape the rain and rest the players legs. The
Georgia coaching staff will adjust the practice schedule this season to accommodate
eleven straight games.

"We were struggling a bit, and I felt like we needed some rest because
UAB runs well, they will be excited to play and I want us to match it,"
said Richt. "If we had an open date earlier in the season, then maybe we
would've practiced outside today, but I'm thinking about four or five weeks
down the road and putting us in position to make it through."

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