September 15, 2006

Mallett a good fit

From a scouting standpoint, you simply can't miss Ryan Mallett on the football field. And it's not just because of his size, which is beyond impressive at 6-foot-6 and 246 pounds. It's because of the cannon that doubles for a right arm and his presence in the pocket. Mallett is like the state he hails from - big, tough and proud of it.

I'll start with the obvious. Mallett has the size of an NFL quarterback and the arm to match. There are professional quarterbacks who would like to fire the ball with the velocity that Mallet shows. That's as crazy as I'll get. No more NFL mentions.

Mallett has evolved as a quarterback as well. There was a time where he'd fire the ball like a Nolan Ryan fastball whether his intended target was 15 yards away or within slapping distance. When your arm is as live as his is, it's hard to bring it down a notch. But now Mallett is learning just that. He's showing much better touch on his passes, especially screens and drag routes while still firing it on outs and curls. He's learning to choose the proper velocity for each pass and he's much further along as a senior than he was as a junior.

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