September 27, 2006

Ryan steps up

On the surface, one would think this would be a bad time - the REALLY bad time - for I-AA Maine to be visiting Alumni Stadium.

If these 1-AA's have something going for them in most of these games - most of these games that are basically not winnable for them - it's the hope the big-namers will overlook them. In other words, BC has to get through the Maine week and get ready for Virginia Tech, so the Eagles could forget to go out and play. It helps - and sometimes even results in wins for these schools.

This week, having lost that crushing game at North Carolina State last Saturday night, BC can't afford to look past anyone - at least you'd think the Eagles would be focused.

You hear all this stuff all the time about leaving last week's game in the past - win or lose. But in this case, last week's loss has to be helping the coaches get ready for a boring Saturday on the schedule.

Matt Ryan, talking about it yesterday, insisted BC would prepare for this game this week the same regardless of what happened last week. In principle, he's right - but human nature says a 4-0 BC team would be having a more-difficult time of preparing for the Black Bears than a 3-1 group.

Ryan said: "I know people aren't happy with the way it turned out last week and I know people are going to have a chip on their shoulder coming out to play, everybody. I know personally, for me, I can't wait to get back on the field and start playing again."

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